Sofirn SC31T Pro step down when turning off/om

Both my SC31T Pro’s have this annoying habit of stepping down from the brightness level it’s set at when the tail switch is pressed a number of times (sometimes 1 click other times 10 or more). This happens regardless of whether the click is a half press or full press. When it steps down it goes to around half the memorized brightness unless it was set at a very low level.

It doesn’t matter if I’m in ramping/step mode, type of battery, state of charge, whether the light has been sitting unless (so that eliminates temperature step down), etc. I also did a number of factory resets on both lights and it makes no difference.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a feature that I missed reading in the Andruil 2 chart?


I have no experience with that model.

this review shows flashing pads. Maybe a firmware update would solve the problem… None of my Anduril lights step down like you describe.

None of my other Andruril lights do that either. But then again these SC31T Pro’s are the only “tactical” lights I have, where the side switch can also shut off the light.

I don’t have the kit to flash these lights and since I don’t really use them I’ll just consign them to the box where I keep all my other unused lights :slightly_smiling_face:

Reflashing is not easy, unless you have an Android phone and a flashing adapter from gchart… or a savvy friend that might do it for you.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season :wink:

I have an android phone but unfortunately don’t have gchart’s flashing adapter. Reflashing would likely solve the issue since I suspect that a Sofirn code tweak is the problem.

But it’s not a big deal since I usually carry/use other flashlights and the SC31’s have found a happy home in my unused flashlight box :grin:

Happy Holiday’s to you too!

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