Sofirn Slickdeal

Seems decent:

Doesn't look slick enough to me at $25.87 shipped.

This deal is better at $22.74 shipped same kit w/o battery just like above:

$21.87 w/o battery.

No argument with that but is also says: "Shipping is $3.99"

I followed the link to sofirns web site and there is a charge of $3.99 for shipping:

I ordered, no shipping.

They are using a Star Trek transporter or some other teleporter to get it to you instead of shipping it?

It also says somewhere about free shipping if over $29 so perhaps you ordered more than just the $21.87 flashlight w/o battery.

Or perhaps there's local pickup (in China?) so you don't pay for shipping .

To not pay shipping, you have to pick it up. LOL

I saw today a new Sofirn SP-31-T? Looked exactly like the SP31-PRO. Anyone know what the difference is or maybe it was a listing mistake?

Road trip to China time :laughing:

Yeah, on the Sofirn website it’s $29 to get free shipping… so probably a good idea to throw in an accessory.

Overall, not a bad deal given Anduril UI. I’m assuming v2?

I wonder about how good are the built-in chargers for these Sofirn lights. I have one that’s a 26650… And it seems to fully charge it in a reasonable time. My multi-meter showed a full voltage after it completed.

It’s not a slick deal to anyone who hangs out here, but to the Muggles, who see only the list pricing on Amazon, it is.

They first discovered the black version discounted to ~$25 on Amazon, and when that stock ran out, some came across the flash sale on the Sofirn site, which had the new green/blue versions <$20 sans cell, and $22 and change with cell.

That caused a run at Sofirn’s site, which ended the flash sale, resulting in the ~$25 cost seen now.

$25 is nothing special to the folks here, willing to endure weeks for delivery from China, but to those who are accustomed to 2-day shipping and the typically higher prices on Amazon, it is somewhat of a discovery.

Revisit those threads in a couple weeks, and don’t be surprised to see complaints about how slow the shipping is, blah blah blah. Especially from those who may tend to blindly jump on a “deal” regardless of need or want, but just want in on some action.

Do you mean SC31T? People constantly mix up the SC31 and SP31. I guess that’s Sofirn’s fault for the nearly identical names.

It’s an SC31 Pro without Anduril. I guess using the same UI as the SP35.

On Lazada Singapore’s website, the Sofirn official store is selling SC31 Pro (Blue) with a 3,000 mAh Sofirn battery at S$34, or about US$25. Free shipping from China.

Next month, during the National Day Sale (Singapore celebrates its National Day on 9 August), prices of most things selling online here are expected to drop about 10%.

Be careful not to confuse SC31 Pro with SP31 V2, which is slightly cheaper; this cheaper Sofirn produces only 1,200 lm, compared with 2,000 lm by the SC31 Pro.

Sofirn should be more careful in naming its flashlights; too many similar model names are confusing.

I’m in for 3, will figure out what I bought when they get here.

These were on sale under $20 for the last week or so on the Sofirn website (“Flash Sale”). With few exceptions, that’s where I’ve found the best prices and purchased most of my Sofirn lights. Never had any problems with shipping, and don’t mind the wait. And Sofirn is over the top when it comes to accommodating special requests.
If I didn’t already have two SC31 Pro’s, I’d have snagged a green version. But no doubt, even at $21.87 USD, these lights are a steal. My favorite off the clock EDC by far.

SC31 started as a great little muggle light but now they have made it complex by adding aduril.

You mean 'standard' by adding Anduril?

Anduril 2 has simple mode, so…

I agree this was not the best slickdeal. I guess I fell into that marketing trap.