Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

Interested, a lot. I've gotten spoiled with ramping options and Anduril/Narsil features, this would be great. I've been toying with the FWAA the last couple weeks and it's a great light, but it lacks NiMh support, and I rather like side switches.

Any chance a magnetic tail cap could be included for this? That would be the topper and maybe a Tool Killer.

I also wish the FWAA was AA capable.

for your magnet wish on the SP10S, you might try glueing one on the tail… its pretty easy to do…

I hope the Anduril version of SP10S w AA capability, becomes a reality…

Since Lumintop loves to wring every drop they can out of the FW series lights, I wonder if they will stick an AA/14500 driver in the host and sell it as the dumbed down version like they did the FW3A and EDC18. I’m sure if they did it’d be the same boring driver from the Tool AA with memory that can’t be disabled though.

Edit. Duh. It’s an e-switch light… so they’d have to come up with something new.

I guess that the Gift G1 is already such thing, but with a glow :stuck_out_tongue: The overall shape of the flashlight is the one of the FWXX series.

I didn’t know about that one. Haven’t multiple people posted about the little Lumintop keychain light with the glow head falling apart? I imagine this thing would do the same. 1lumen’s review says when using a 14500 it has next mode memory. :person_facepalming:

AFAIK, Sofirn is really interested in making our dreams come true. I am afraid we need to wait for the AVR-1 chips (816/1616/3216-MNR) to become available again. Maybe in June or July the supply situation will get better (fingers crossed). Once Sofirn has the chance buying a major quantity, the odds look real good that they will start manufacturing this model. There is one alternative option by using the ATtiny85 chip (which is still available but hard to get, too) but then again Sofirn would have to develop a whole new driver layout. This is an effort hard to realize (and justify in terms of development costs) at this point of time as far as I could understand.

Again, many thanks to gchart for his great and ongoing support in this project! :THUMBS-UP: :BEER:

A dual chemistry Anduril light (or an Anduril light without a nut roasting FET driver) is such a rare beast I’d buy a few of them just to put different emitters in. Nothing against nut roasters… my FW”AA” is in the mail.

Interested in this!

Sure...or actually first I'd see if there was enough meat on the cap to mill it out a little and insert a disc inside. But they already do a magnetic cap for 18650 lights just like Lumintop does, so I'd imagine they could make one available for this one pretty easily. Nicer to have something not at risk of separating from temps or solvents, uv exposure, etc. For where I put my magnet lights it's bad news if they happen to lose their stick. I do hope this light becomes a reality, though...missed the development in this thread but it's pretty impressive. Heck, most driver stuff is impressive to me the more I learn about it. Lots of really smart people contributing a ton to our niche community over the years.

Great news. I didn’t hold out much hope that this would project would happen.

Since Sofirn doesn’t like recessed side switches, has anyone come up with a good way to prevent accidental activation in the pocket (besides mechanical or electronic lockout). I’ve seen where some people have glued washers on, but that adds mass and volume, two undesirables in a pocket edc.

This isn’t a physical change, but since it has Anduril2, I’ve got mine setup for auto-lockout after 1 minute. With have 2-stage momentary during lockout, I find it to be a really handy setup that nearly eliminates accidental activations but still can be used at a moments notice.

For me the main advantage of a 14500 based light is that it can take NiMh and alkalines.

jealous I am

When are you going ship my Power Dude kit?

Same time as mine.


I hope it will come without PWM and no more sharp edges and laynard hole

This light will be awesome! cant wait til those needed chips come back to market!

Lux Perpetua, I hope all is well! I just was on another (new) thread we were both on, and .. well, i just wanted to say i hope all is well. lol. MANY thanks for all of your work around here! it is really appreciated. Especially thank you for the (official, imo) Anduril 2 chart AND the work & input on the new WT90.

Interested but only if there’s an emitter option below 4000k. Is that likely or possible?

Of course it’s possible. Sofirn has a thing for the LH351D lately. They’ve used the 2700k, 4000k, and 5000k versions in other lights. If they actually make this thing they could easily offer those options.

I bought the warm LED from Sofirn, it is very nice: