Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

Also saw the reference to the “SP10 v3.0” even though this model doesn’t seem to be available yet.

I wonder if the SP10 v3.0 is an updated model of the SP10B / SP10v2.0 (both of which use XP-G2 LED) or maybe it will use a different LED (SP10S use LH351D).

I also noted for sale in Sofirn’s site are “pocket clips for SP35 / SP35T” (SP35T model doesn’t seem to be available yet, I wonder what is updated for the “T” over the regular SP35)

SP35T will introduce a tailclicky next to the side switch.

VERY interested. Sign me up for at least one.

Interested in something other than Black

Thanks for the info (although a bit off-topic for this message thread).
So basically the SP35T will be similar to a 21700 version of the SP31v2.0 in terms of having a tail+side switch…
(I wonder if they’ll consider using an SFT40 LED in place of the SST40…) For a tactical EDC thrower…

+++ Great news +++

Sofirn is now able to source the new AVR-1 MCUs, i.e. 1616-MNR. I am in close communication with Barry (Sofirn), Tom E and gchart to get this project into its final phase. Fingers crossed that waiting will soon be over...

UI-wise following specs are planned:

  • Andúril 2 in its latest revision
  • USE_2C_MAX_TURBO command in the Advanced UI, i.e. similar to Sofirn SP36/Q8 (Pro) configuration, see latest UI diagram for reference below.
  • Direct access to toggle ramp mode (stepped/smooth) from Simple UI via 3C
  • Default Ceiling Simple UI: 150/150 (I think this should be fine for a tiny light like this)
  • Default Ceiling Advanced UI: 150/150 (I think this should be fine for a tiny light like this)
  • Default Ramp Mode: Stepped Ramping with 4 stepping increments (to reflect something like Low-Med-High-Turbo)

Hardware-wise I am still collating some more information. I suppose Sofirn will be using Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI. Maybe they can also offer a (limited) run with 2700K/4000K, too. A green-coated lens would definitely help to reduce any greenish tintshift in terms of chromaticity and lower the Duv closer to or even below the BBL.

Dang. Sign me up for at least 4-5.

Good news, everyone! Any rough idea on price? SP10S currently USD$18 so $22?

Sounds great.

Regarding the lens, I think all my Sofirn lights have plain lenses without (purple reflecting) AR coating therefore they don’t negatively (more green) affect the tint.
And, so there is no confusion, especially for Sofirn, AR coating isn’t a purple or green coating, Agro posted an article about AR coating but basically the coating thickness determines what color will benefit the most from it, i.e. what color is the least reflected and often it’s green.

So nice to hear, I haven’t bought any flashlights for a while, this might change that :innocent:

Finally! Thanks for the update, Lux.

Interested in a 2700K/4000K option. I’d get one of each :smiley:

Interested, mostly in 2700K/4000K

The Sofirn SP10S, 5000K, LH351D, 800 lm, will be on sale on Singapore Lazada next week for about US$13.75 without battery, and US$15.50 with one 14500 cell.

I have put in my cart one Red (I already have one Red) and three Blue SP10S. No Black colour available. It seems to be most popular colour.

During the upcoming Naitonal Day Sale, can get 8% discount with a total of at least US$145 purchase. I plan to buy Sofirn Q8 Pro and perhaps the new Sofirn LT1 Anduril II lantern to qualify for the 8% discount.

It is a mind trap: Need to spend more to save just a little bit.

This is the description on the web page: Sofirn SP10S LED Flashlight 5000k AA 14500 Pocket Light 90 CRI LH351D 800lm Keychain Light Waterproof 6 modes.

It looks like the old original model not using Anduril II.

This same old model is priced at US$15.99 on Ali Express after discount.

I hope it's not this version - there's details still being worked out, unless they plan on shipping at a later date. That sounds pretty cheap, too cheap actually.

1xAA junkie here. In for a few, depending on price & colors.


That sounds like an effort to clear out old stock before a new model is issued. In rapidly advancing technologies of all kinds, self induced obsolescence is a major marketing problem.

would buy a few if 2700K/4000K

Will this have USB C charging?

Interested in getting this
Depending on options