Sofirn SP10 Pro (AA/14500/Andúril 2) - now available!

Wow! ToyKeeper! It’s an honor. Yes, especially the tailcap design needs help imo. Soooo many lights use that simple drill-thru design on the tailcap. It creates a sharp, grabby edge…every time. It’s not attractive, especially when you realize it’s done that way for economy in design/manufacture. Also every time you drop your light on a hard surface it will invariably fall directly on that little nub. This will bend/smush/crack it creating sharper points yet. Yes I have a few lights with this condition. Not much on lanyards so I’ll get around to filing the nub off completely one day. The same simple drill cut but lower on the cap results in the round surface you mention. My new D4v2 features this design but it could be a little lower down on the cap thus creating a less sharp, thicker edge. For example, on the Seeker 2 Pro this is done to good effect. ALSO, all lights should have Anduril, at the very least as an option. Thank you ToyKeeper.

This has been brewing since April of 2019.


I’m tired of waiting for this Magical Imaginarium of Dr. Sofirn, and ordering a Skilhunt M150 instead.

It amazes me how some of these manufacturers can be told over and over again what consumers want, and they continually build tangential to that every time. The original SP10s COULD have been a great light and a roaring seller, equal to or better than Thrunites legendary T10, so what did they do? Put moonlight at the far end of the sequence, so you could blind yourself three times before using it!

Anybody that dumb is unlikely to provide an exceptional, or even acceptable, product ever. These guys are almost certain to keep shooting and missing no matter how supportive all of us at BLF are.

I’m outa here.

One customer more or less doesn’t really matter. The rest of us is happy to get the first AA flashlight with Anduril.

More 2 cents. The gnurling is gnarly, way overdone. Half-size and half-depth should be perfect.

that’s the game of marketing as happen in every electronics branch.
Buy an upgrade model without end and their profit increase

I’d snag half a dozen of these once they get released. Skimming through previous comments it looks like it will be this spring sometime? Hoping it’s soon!

You and I both! I really hope they come out with this and don’t push it to the back and forget it. Somebody needs to come out with a good AA/14500 sized Anduril light. I feel like if somebody does they would have the market to themselves….until competition shows up.

I really hope that this gets released soon. I’ve been carrying an SC31 Pro since December 2020 and I recommend it all the time. However I’m now looking to go smaller and this will likely be what I move to if it gets released soon.

Commenting to subscribe. Any update on ETA?

As far as I’ve heard, it should be out as soon as Sofirn has time in the production schedule to manufacture it. The hardware was finalized back in October or so, and the firmware was ready in November, and the rest is just waiting on a very busy factory.

Thanks TK!

Is it too late to get on the list for one of these?


List… what list?

I’ve been eagearly awaiting this light for the last few weeks! I’m glad the project seems close to completion.

Close? I would be happy to see this flashlight before the close of ’22

Very interested in this one. Briefly skimmed the beginning and last few pages, but can’t find any info on what colours will be available (red, please please let there be red) and what the (approx) price will be. For the right price and some colour variation, I can easily see myself getting half a dozen.

looks like this project is dead and lost of hopes.

The release of Sofirn SP10 V3.0 was a biggest failure.

As much as I want this to not be the case, it sure looks like it. Last time Sofirn replied here was 4 months ago and HW and SW was apparently finished even longer ago. That must be one busy factory…

Not to help how this situation looks. When someone asked about this on another thread Sofirn said, “there are no updates as of now.” Can’t remember the location… May have not even been on BLF.

Not aware of the reply in another place. I know it’s not helping. It’s great to have these kinds of collaborations, but 4 months waiting for something to be produced is fair game for criticism. No offence, but a realistic observation from someone late to the party. I could have been a little more ‘diplomatic’ though.