Sofirn SP10B - Anyone?

My guess is that the SP10B has the same body of the SP10A, only differing on the driver.
If so, the tube is not reversible, so the clip can’t be reversed as well.
I’ve done SP10A “half” review and took some photos here: DOUBLE 1 AND ½ "REVIEW": Sofirn SP10A and Sofirn SF14 *[added night / distance shots] .
The tube from the SP10A is interchangeable with the SF14, so my guess is that the 3 models use the same tube , with different head and tailcap!

Hope this helps :wink: :+1:

Thanks. That’s a deal breaker for me. Too bad, as it looks like a nice light otherwise.

It is, despite some issues on the driver’s wires, I guess. But trying to reverse the tube was one of the first things I tried to do with those lights and got a little :cry: as well…
If they were reversible, putting them on a cap would be awesome, as they have (well, at least the SF14) a nice and long range beam and great colour for indoor and outdoor…
In that aspect, the Lumintop Tool AA has some advantage, as its clip is reversible. :person_facepalming:

yes, but no side switch.

Hum…true! Just remebered, have you seen this?
It’s the On The Road M5, a AA/14500 flashlight, 2 modes (low and high) + strobe (2click). There is no much info about this, though…

They (OTR) also have a store in AliExpress, but the specs of almost all lights are in Chinese, so only the photos and diagrams help… :person_facepalming:

Thank you so much for you guys interested in Sofirn flashlight.

The SP10B has arrived on Amazon. It’s press the side switch for 0.3 second to activate or turn off; Click the switch to cycle through Moonlight→Low→Medium.

If you purchase SP10B on Amazon, we would love to offer some special code for you guys. You can save 10% off now. Just enter 54R4YCM9 when you order it.
Here is the SP10B on Amazon:

Also, we have some new colors of SP10B will arrive around November 25th.
SP10B Red on Amazon:
SP10B Blue on Amazon:

Moreover, we have updated version of C8F. If there have anyone want to test C8F, please feel free to PM. We need 5 testers now. :wink:

Have a good time on BLF :beer:

Edit: Nope, I’m wrong. I think I was confusing M5 and M6.

It’s more than two modes. Gearbest appears to have sold out of the M5, but still has really detailed information about the M3 if you’re interested (I’m almost certain it’s the same as M5 except for RCR123 instead of AA/14500).


The information available below the standard template appears to have been provided by the manufacturer and is translated very well.

I gave it a close look a while back hoping it would be like an Olight S1A but with neutral tint, but 10 lumen is a little high for an “ultra low” setting (for me). S1A has two settings below that and direct access to lowest from off.

I find the specification templates on all of these sites to be unreliable, but Fasttech has to be the worst. Their discussion forums can be a real treasure, though. Still, I’ve learned my lesson to always check BLF before any purchase.

I’m sorry Swampus, but I have to disagree concerning the modes. Although I don’t read chinese, the diagram of both lights is quite different!
Take a look M5 on the left, M3 on the right:

Seeing these, they don’t have the same UI! Not at all. M5 seems to have Low > High > OFF + Strobe (double click, maybe?). M3 has lots of regular and special modes!

You are correct. I tried to link directly to their website yesterday, but couldn’t get it to come up.

I trusted my memory too much on that one. Maybe I was looking at the M6.

can sp10b take protected 14500?

From another post, in another thread about the SP10A, AgentSteel said this about batteries in the SP10A:

So, my guess is that some protected fit, while others don’t fit! Even some Ni-MH may not fit, as on my SF14. The battery tubes are identical (a “defective” first batch), so it may depend a little

So far I didn’t see a review on the SP10B, I guess some of us are getting them on the next days/weeks. But my guess is that it will be the same as SP10A, as the hosts are the same, only the driver changes :+1:

Tracy, do you think it would be possible to make the tail switch from the SF14 available for purchase on Ali Express? It would be nice to have a couple of extras for occasional use on the SP10B and even the Utorch UT01. [Edit: This provides no additional functionality, but can be used to turn these lights off and then serve as a mechanical lock-out until next use. For me, though, the greater appeal is that the SF14 switch adds a few millimeters of length that makes the side-switch lights a little more comfortable to hold. That, of course, is subjective, but when my thumb is on the switch, I sometimes feel like I want a little more flashlight left over in the palm of my hand.]

Also, it would be nice to be able to order an extra pocket clip or two.

I see that the SP10A and SP10B boards are both available in the parts section now. That’s great!

I second this.

If you want to order an extra pocket clip, please feel free to contact sales service before you finish the order. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Tracy Wan. I’ll keep that in mind when I order from your stores. Can this be done with other parts like tail caps and switches?

Hi Jaded,

Sorry for the late reply.
If you have any problem or question, please feel free to contact the sales service whether on AliExpress or Amazon. They will help you do their best.

Have a good time on BLF

Currently it is listed as having Low Voltage Protection only for 14500 cells. It would be nice to have LVP feature for NiMH cells too, or have an easy accessible battery level indicator function.

Just received my Sofirn SP 10b today and have been playing with it . Removed the head and the threads were very rough and gritty but lube took care of that . Tail threads were better . Very bright output with 14500 . Seems as bright as my Convoy S2+ 6x7135 and Jet 1MK . S2+ slightly more floody . All about equal in throw . $12 well spent .

Found any problems yet? or things you didn’t like other than the thread?

No problems . Just getting used to the switch is a little difficult . A long click turns the light off usually except from strobe and turbo mode if accessed from off . In those cases , a short click turns it off . Another thing I need to learn is when on the lowest setting I sometimes think it is off and think the switch is not working properly . Why do people desire such low settings I don’t know . Not for me . Being older, I would rather simple L,M,H,Off or even just L,H,Off . Just me though .YMMV. When I first put the 14500 in and turned on turbo , it was flickering . Tightening the caps stopped this although I did not feel they where loose . No spring in the front . Over all : B+ .