Sofirn SP32A V2.0

Use a heatgun to soften the adhesive or a hairdrier. Then try to pull the head out.

When I opened up mine (black finish) it took heat and a fair amount of force to get it loosened the first couple of turns

Hair dryer and rubber gloves worked!

BlueSwordM, eas, RobertB - thank you all for suggestions :slight_smile: :beer:

I put a Nichia 219C in mine from M.E.

Quite a nice flashlight now.

Rob, how was improvement over stock led? Thinking of modding my silver version of light. I will keep light once modded. Please advise. Thanks.

Was a big improvement IMO. The Nichia emitter offers no tint shift like the XPL does, plus the bonus of high CRI. Richard has the 5000K 80+ CRI (which is what I used), or the 4000K 90+ CRI.

To top it off, I put a 20º Luminit holographic diffuser film between the reflector and the glass to smooth out any slight ring artifacts caused by the reflector. I get a nice pure white smooth beam now.

Here is the beam with the diffuser on it. The previous outdoor beamshot was with no diffuser.

Nice mods! I’m glad it’s not too hard to take apart. I wonder if Sofirn will start providing hosts for more of their lights in the future. Even if they don’t, the price is right for modding anyway.

If Sofirn would just put this Nichia or Samsung emitter in it in the first place, word would spread, and it would be their best selling light. It’s not like theres a shortage of either of those emitters

Hopefully they’re reading this. I have a good feeling that they do take note of threads on BLF.

I asked the same question some days ago in another thread. I guess it was about the new SP36 prototype djozz is currently looking at. If I recall correctly he said it would be very difficult to source significant amounts of Samsung LEDs in China, especially with homogeneous binning.

Do you have a link for that 20º Luminit holographic diffuser film? I have a stock SP32A v2.0. Does the film just stick on the outside or inside of the lens?

It’s .75mm thick. DC fix will do similar. A 12” square of Lumint material is around $100 including Fedex shipping. I just had a few small pieces here, so thats what I used.

Will try DC fix and see how it goes, thanks!

Try it without any diffuser first. The rings really aren’t visible outdoors

I received my SP32A v2.0 today, and am using it for the first time. When I first powered it on, I was able to lock/unlock it using the side button, change modes, and switch the power on from one press to two press, etc. Now, I am unable to lock it, or change the power button. Pressing power button four times just turns unit on.

Any Suggestions?

You're right, it's pretty good as is thanks.

If you’re referring to an electronic lockout, it is not a feature of the v2.0 driver, as it was with previous versions.

It can only be locked out mechanically by loosening the tailcap.


I installed OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG.

Brightness comparision (ceilingbounce app):

  • 95 - white flat in SP32A V2.0, 3A current
  • 110 - Convoy C8 with CREE XP-L HI V2 5D and BLF-A6 driver, mode 6/7, 2.7A current
  • 190 - Convoy C8 with CREE XP-L HI V2 5D and BLF-A6 driver, mode 7/7, 5A current

Throw is comparable with C8. Here is the picture with Convoy C8 with CREE XP-L HI V2 5D at 2.7A, SP32A with OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG at 3A and stock Acebeam EC35 at 3.3A. Around 2.5 metres to a wall:

Centering ring is made as flat as I could:

Cleaned button with alcohol, which solved mushy filling:

There was a screw, which does not screw anything :smiley: :

Album with all pictures

The original SP32A was unglued. I easily put an XM-L2 90CRI in it. I’m so disappointed to see that Sofirn has been glueing all of their latest flashlights. I don’t think they come here to monitor the forums. However if you PM their BLF account or send messages to their Aliexpress store, they will listen. We should get them to understand that alot of modders buy their lights and using glue will turn many customers away.

What about Scotch magic tape? I use this dometimes as diffuser