Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril, 4 LH351D LED, AMZ Deal!

Did you get it?

Naw, tried before, nothing. Tried now, nothing. Will give it another half-hour then give up.

Very sad. We’ll all probably die alone, too.

I tried just now @ 13:00 ~ 13:01. No go.


~14:00, also no joy.

Woohoo! Yep, thanks!

When?? I keep clicking every hour and nothing :frowning:

I got one yesterday!
I wont be greedy :stuck_out_tongue:

rost333 sent me a code. Doesn’t work outside the US. :neutral_face:

I guess being rotten-cough sick is good for something
couldn’t sleep, ordered it ~midnite

monday picked up the Disneyland Crud from biggest lil petrie dish factory in Anaheim

Disneyland → kids → little walking disease-vectors.

thank you for posting this, i am going to give the light a try for $22 ( i snagged a code this morning around 5 am est if anyone is wondering on the timing)

this is my first light i have bought since september of 2018 LOL

the 21700 interests me, and if it sucks i can send it back to amazon :slight_smile:

biggest parking lot for strollers on earth for the parade
just pre-schoolers, butt what about on a WKND!!??

The message behind the link is now “Sorry, this offer is currently inactive. ”

Got a code at 6am EST

It’s 5 coupons a day till 21 May

Mine arrived yesterday but the Sofirn 21700 battery in the kit was super drained at 3.0 volts. That is much lower than any other 3.7 volt battery that I have bought. I have other Sofirn batteries and they were all around 3.6 volts when I received them.

Yea, my battery has been charging for hours now?

The battery with mine arrived at 3.2v.

What is a safe charging rate (amps) for this battery?

4000 mAh x 0.5 = 2000 mA

2A charging rate. Is that right?

1A-2A, with a preference towards 1A unless you need it rather quickly.