Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril, 4 LH351D LED, AMZ Deal!

I already ask only via pm. Why only US never even received a reply .Amazon US asked $26 for delivery to me so these are just spam threads waste of time .

“Oops! Today’s daily coupon limit has been reached. Submit your details below to receive future offers like this one.”

Gone already. Must not have been very many.

Daily Limit Reached.
No more codes.

Ugh, only 5 codes per day.

Ordered one

I have been testing the switch to 21700 format… but at this price I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for the deal!

Why not some deal on your AE (international shop !) ?

AMZ US is fine but please remember that this forum has members everywhere in the world

As much as I like you Sofirn,

I’m really tired of seeing these US only promo’s.

A real good way to alienate you International customers IMHO.

Don’t feel too bad. Not many in the U.S. were able to get in because I suppose there weren’t many coupons available. On the first day, by the time I saw it at 8:30AM (Mtn Time) the coupons were all used up. The East coast time zone would see it sooner. By the time I rolled out of bed :smiley: , it was too late.

So now I see that there is a daily allotment of 5 codes? I wonder when the start time of a new day is? (which time zone).

Hmmm… this is an interesting way to get a 21700 to see if it will work in my craptastic As Seen On TV zoomy tac light. :slight_smile:

Am in us but can't see the code??

I’m a logger in the US Pacific Northwest and I get up real early for work. Saw this deal this morning while having coffee(2:30 AM PT) and couldn’t resist. Not really a light I was looking for but Amazon had a 5% click-on coupon in addition to the Sofirn deal. With tax, it cost me $22.26 for the kit. My first 21700 light. Great deal. Thanks, Sofirn!
Edit: My FW3A arrived in the mail today as well. It’s a great day to be a flashoholic!

Sold out for the day… so when’s it reset to another 5?

At 23$ you can't buy the battery , any charger and a triple emitter on a mcpcb for this kind of coin $$$

and who doesn't love a Fwd clicky

I don’t mean to complain, but yeah, it’s a bit disappointing to eagerly click into a Sofirn deal thread only to find out it’s “US only”. Sofirn flashlights are still great value at their regular price and maybe logistics make it harder to offer the same deals outside the US, but just thought I’d share my experience in case offers could possibly be extended outside the US.

@ hiuintahs

Don’t worry, I don’t feel bad.

Just trying to give Sorirn some marking/PR advice/feedback from my perspective.

As I said, I really like sofirn their flashlights and their pricing. (waiting for a NW BLF SP70)

I think it’s roughly around 1PM —— New York Time (GMT-4)

I’ll give it one more shot…

Did you get it?

Naw, tried before, nothing. Tried now, nothing. Will give it another half-hour then give up.

Very sad. We’ll all probably die alone, too.

I tried just now @ 13:00 ~ 13:01. No go.