Sofirn SP36, impressions of a sample

Ai, they have problems with their own confusing naming :person_facepalming:

I hope that will be corrected very soon!

They have not let me down yet. Granted I have only had some minor issues but not a discrepancy like this. I really want the SP36. I already had an SF36 and a SF36W. I like them but not enough to pay $55 for one.

Looks like a great light! the built in charging is always a key feature for sustainability in remote areas, if the charging circuit has the ability to accept charging devices that have various outputs of voltage and maximum charging amps. (as in Solar panels, wind-generators, thermo-electrtic generators, off-grid banks, car adapters, etc. ) they all vary a lot. I don;t have one yet to do testing on.

Sofirn is sending me the correct light. Got tracking yesterday. Didn’t even question anything. Of course I sent a pic of the package and the contents with the SF36 in the picture.

I am very interested in the charger questions DBSAR raises above.

And also very interested in how to tell one version of a Sofirn light from another version.
Are they making changes right during production, so there’s no certain way to know what’s coming out at the end?

Batch labels please!

If i had one i would give the charger system the full range of testing. I have tested many different types of lights, lanterns, etc and so far the best two lights with built-in chargers i tested that would charge from all the different sources i benched them on, is the Klarus G20 and Blitzwolf BW-LT5 lantern/powerbank light. (both these would charge from every source i tested them with.

DBSAR, that’s really helpful. Thank you.

Would you mention what you learn in the thread I started for info on USB charging?
I copied that bit over to that thread.

maybe i could to a full test of the lights that i have and charging sources i have. now you have sparked my thoughts in doing a full light charging & charger test comparison review. :smiley:

It will surely look nicer with SS bezel and/or tail cap all black is too plain :wink:

Hey, Sofirn, are you going to sell this light through USA Amazon?

Just got my SP36 the paper manual is very hard to read due to small font is it possible to download PDF version ?

Sure ;-) ► click here ◄ (just make sure you choose the "EN" version on my sharepoint for English language)

To be honest, it's "only" the NarsilM manual, so the first page where Sofirn states some information about it, where you can find more resources about NarsilM and the BLF Q8 etc. is missing. I asked Sofirn if they allow me to publish the entire manual but so far they did not want me to because it's not being sold on Amazon yet.

Thanks Lux-Perpetua I will try google translate ,any English version.

Edit:I got it Thanks again.

So you are the first to receive this pretty cool new flashlight and all we hear is a question about the pdf? :smiley:

Mine is still en route to me (stuck in Shenzhen since 11/29/2018) but I will be happy to tell about the SP36 as soon as it arrives. :-)

I’ve been using this light for one day. I like it but I think it could be improved a lot with just 3 changes.

My Sphere shows 5400lm stock with 30Q

I just don’t like three things:

-No lanyard attachment. The light is heavy and easy to drop, they should try to put an attachment for a lanyard wherever they can. Or just a thread for a tripod mount like the Q8
-Usb cover protrudes a lot, it should be recessed and harder to open by accident
-Leds choice. I don’t like the xpl2, ugly tint and lots of tint shift. This light should use the same xpl hi as the Sofirn Q8

I was wondering about the lack of lanyard attachment and think that I might try this one again if I can find the directions again. I used a knot around my Zebralight headlamp that works well. Unfortunately I completely forgot the name of this knot, but someone might know the name if they take a peek at the picture below,

I agree with the lanyard attachment, it is one of the things that I reported back to Sofirn about the prototype. You can see that in the current design is would not be easy to find a good spot for one so I understand why they left it out, but they may had better tried a bit harder.

I have not used my SP36 in a camping situation outside, but I can see that the USB-cover could suffer from real use (I did rip the USB-cover off my EagleEye X2R recently).

The XP-L2 is the only current led that will get them over 5000 lumen in this flashlight so that will sell, simple as that. And I must say that in the SP36 this led has a better beam than in some other lights that I tried it in.

How can I say in short SP36 is a small version of Q8 with type C port with small different as


-SP36 is more comfortable to hold

-SP36 is the brightest of 3 (from ceiling bounce app 0s / 30s)

+SP36 stock with Sofirn battery = 590/528lx

+Sofirn Q8 stock with HG2 = 524/494lx

+BLF Q8 bypass spring with 30Q = 542/501lx

-Tint and spot size

From left to right BLF Q8 ,Sofirn Q8 ,SP36


Some thing missing in SP36

-No lanyard hold

-Look too plain black need SS bezel/tail cap