Sofirn SP40...Better LED?

I decided to play around and take the SP40 apart and see what is what. Putting it back together i figured I’d leave the reflector out and wow, I like what I see! Pretty decent wall of light without a defined hot spot.

Ya see, I do a lot of new construction house painting (Cutting in and rolling) and a lot of times there is no electric so I rely heavily on a headlamp. Don’t like that hot spot glare. Sans the reflector the SP40 shines a smooth beam. Just don’t really like the tint and would like better CRI. Them similar colors start to be hard to distinguish with these older eyes. LOL

So, I guess my question is… what would the LED gurus on BLF recommend ?

The Samsung LH351D in 4000K from mtnelectronics would be a reasonable option.

Thanks. Does it already come on a board? Not sure if I know what I’m talking about. lol Where I can just de solder the round board and solder the other in? Sorry for the stupid questions. coming in this modding stuff on the ground floor.

You can buy it, a board, and their reflow soldering option.

This is my choice... will do mod in next week or so. great source

Does anyone know if the S2+ TIRs fit the SP40?

No, they’re a fair bit too tall. One of the first things I tried! I had to settle for a bit of DC-fix instead.

Thank you. Saved me some experimenting.

No. They are too wide, too tall and there’s not enough material to work if you were to sand it to fit.

I sanded one of these to fit, as they have more play room (6.09mm vs 4.71mm convoy). It does affect the optic/beam pattern but it’s not a donut hole or anything, just more light is dispersed to the sides. I had to leave out the glass lens. :weary:

left, Sanded fastech >30º (19.50x8.40mm), Stock fastech 30º (20.17x12mm), 60º “convoy” pebbled 19.50x12.08mm

about 1 foot away from the wall

with glow tape

Lightly scuffing up the lens to make it opaque or using milky dc fix would achieve similar results with less effort, going with a floodier emitter like LH351D also helps.

I am going to use DC Fix. Easier to go back and forth.

Much thanks everyone. Looks like I’ll be placing an order with mtnelectroninics. Now where is my soldering iron I last used ten years ago?