Sofirn SP70 Alone $50, PM for AMZ US CODE(LIMITED)

I can not understand.

Thorfire S70s: 74mm (head) xhp70 (3960lm) - 87000cd (680m) max
Sofirn SP70: 90mm (head) xhp70.2 (5500lm) - 89733cd (687m) max

Why ?
Are they equal at distance throw ? :person_facepalming:

No, the Sofirn SP70 is heavily underrated.

S70S is about 550 meters throw.
SP70 is about 860 meters throw.

You should never trust factory specs. Try to find good reviews where the lights are actually measured.

I wait for night and I try them.
Convoy L6 new vs SP70 :smiling_imp:


Make sure to post beam shots!

I have nothing to take pictures of.
I have a phone (2016 flagship with android), but she does not see it very well. I would need someone with a tripod or take the pictures while I use the torch.
I’ll try if I find someone.

I finished testing:
-SP70 is, in my opinion, about 15-20% stronger in the distance and has more lumens than the Convoy L6 new (xhp70.2 + SMO). It’s a great flashlight for this price. I mean I can see it with her. I can not say how many meters, but a convoy building I could not see it well, just the roof shone a bit, while the SP70 lightens the whole building.

Excuse my bad English.

*As a small summary:
-Convoy L6 NEW wins the Thorfire S70s (I sold Thorfire)
-SP 70 wins the Convoy. :)*

Unfortunately, it did not come in perfect condition, it still has small defects, probably it was hit (but not during transport). She had a lot of dust on it. Packaging is not ok, the Astrolux lanterns are packed more nicely :slight_smile:
I’ll be back tomorrow if I have time with pictures.

Also remember that the SP70 uses a FET driver so the batteries effect performance. High drain batteries will give the best output.

With L6 and S70S the type of battery makes very little difference.

The SP70 has some bloody modes. I have to keep pushing to go to another level, or when I stop it many times I start my turbo. I’m not happy with this. Thorphire and Convoy have much better ways.
I like the moon mode :slight_smile:

I would like to see the BLF SP70 with either Narsil or Anduril

I’m not sure what this means. I always prefer ramping mode, have you tried that one yet?

You can’t please everyone with a single UI, so they made 2 different UI in one light. Hopefully it pleases the most people. Still not perfect, though. Narsil would be great, but if they use Anduril I hope they can tweak the code for instant off.

Yes, yes, yes and yes again!

3 x 26650 makes for a very nice, weighty “maglite” kind of feel. And with something this size you may as well then have lots of LED’s for a lot of lumens.

This would make for a great light!

Oh wow, that’s large. My L6 is big enough to serve Maglite duty, especially with the tactical/cigar grip ring left on the bottom.

I’m interested in a BLF edition of the SP70, hopefully with Anduril. After reading through some of this thread, it seems like people are having problems with flat top cells. If you order the kit does it come with flat tops? Sounds like it needs button tops.

Since batteries touch end to end you have to make sure your cells can touch. Some flat top work and some don’t. The batteries packaged with the SP70 do touch. Their high drain cells have button tops added. Their normal cells have tall flat tops.

I had a chance to compare a bunch of flashlights including the new Jetbeam TH20 that runs on a single 21700 and the Acebeam K65 CW. Out of the numerous flashlights I have tried out over the last 2 years, the Sofirn SP70 is my favorite. 2 X 26650 is way better than 1 X 21700. It’s easier to grasp and clasp than a 4 X 18650. I was so impressed, I have ordered a second SP70 Kit from Sofirn’s new website.

Fingers crossed!

Considering output and overall quality, looks like the SP70 is a good deal. I really like the beam profile, which looks superior to similar competitor models. The UI is a little strange, but not complicated. Short press + hold to enter moonlight is a little odd. Otherwise, I like the options. Is the rear switch a physical lockout? Or is there parasitic drain with it off?

You can ramp down to moonlight if you want. Or you can keep your preset brightness level by using the press and hold. This allows you to switch between 3 different brightness levels and not loose your memorized level.

The tail switch is mechanical so no parasitic drain at all when used.

It memorizes your preset level when off and the tail switch can allow it to turn on at that level.

Thanks, Jason. Good to hear the tail cap switch does provide a mechanical lockout. Looks like moonlight is 2 lumens, which isn’t very dim relative to what Anduril & NarsilM provide, but for a thrower like this I guess it’s to be expected. Overall, an impressive search light.

What do you think of it compared to the Convoy L6?

It is way better than a stock L6. Better UI, higher output, etc… It was basically designed to be an affordable version of a modded L6. I spent over $100 for my L6, Lexel driver, xhp70.2 on DTP mcpcb plus did the labor myself. So the SP70 is a bargain in that respect. Especially if you have to pay someone to mod an L6 for you.

I used my L6 everyday at work, but the led finally started showing problems due to all the Turbo runs. Sometimes only 2 dies light up. I havent fixed it yet. I started using the SP70 and it’s pretty much as good. I like that it keeps the memorized level even when power is removed. I tend to go to Turbo then ramp it down like 1 second. It looks slightly less bright, but the amperage is way lower. I get good runtimes from that. The SP70 always remembers my setting. I wish that feature could be put in NarsilM.

My only real criticism is it’s hard to find the switch by feel. I can feel the L6 switch easier for some reason. The SP70 does have a tiny turn on/off delay like Anduril. I really prefer instant on/off like NarsilM, but I got used to it. No biggie.

I may be a bit biased as I helped in the design, but I think it’s a great light that a lot of folks have not heard of.