Sofirn SP70 battery rattle

I just purchased the SP70 . I noticed the batteries rattle around quite a bit They are Sofirn batteries that came in the kit. To help quiet the rattle I wrapped them with some clear packing tape.

I am wondering if the battery tube is made a bit wide to accommodate other brands of batteries which may be a tad wider or is it just a design flaw.

And , could a second wrap be placed over the first to solve the problem ?

I get some regular paper, cut it to the length of the cell(s), wrap it around the batteries, and I get it to fit perfectly by trimming off the paper until it *just* fits in the light. If you take your time and do it just right, the batteries will settle down into the light with a nice sigh *or* they might have to be pushed in because the fit is so good that the air pressure might actually hold the battery up. Think of an engine and piston compression.

I do this with all of my lights because if there's one thing I hate and that's rattle. Makes the light feel cheap. When I can rap on the tube with a fist and hear no rattle I'm very happy!

You could buy some battery wraps and double or even triple wrap your battery to make it thicker

Thanks . I will give your suggestions a try

Wellp, some people piss’n’moan about not being able to use protected cells, doublewrapped cells, etc., so the mfr listens and bores out the tube a bit bigger to accommodate those cells. And then still…

I use several torches with several battery’s. Charging/changing all the time. Some wide body some not.
I just put whatever in whichever torch and don’t rattle it around.

If yo that fussy. Keep same battery in same torch.
And wrap with something.
I use that hospital sticky paper tape for gripping on my BLF/348 torches etc.
Could do same for internals. It gives GREAT grip on externals.
I got too many battery’s floating round to have fixed dia for individual ones.
Have fun.

It rattles a little with the Sofirn batteries, there is almost zero rattle when I use Vapcell 5500mah reds.

I too dislike the rattling of the cell. As I dedicate a battery to a particular light, add an inner sleeve of waxed construction paper, different thicknesses from packaging (as shirts). Sometimes have to shim some .020” (about 1/2 mm) total.

And when I get it just right, that satisfying feeling of the cell’s reduced speed of falling into the tube.