Sofirn Switcheroo

So back on Nov. 3rd, I ordered a C8G from Sofirn’s website and (not) surprisingly, it’s still “awaiting shipping”. When I placed my order, the light was listed as being outfitted with the Cree XHP35 HI emitter. Now, there’s a note on the C8G page which states:

So, sounds like they didn’t actually have stock when I ordered and now are waiting on the factory to produce these SST40 replacements. I should cancel my order on principle but is the SST40 a suitable replacement? Thoughts?

Darn, that’s a disappointing discovery to make. I only have the XHP35 model, so I can’t give a comparison.
There is a comparison of Convoy’s L21A (a similar 21700-based thrower) with both LEDs, though: Review: Convoy L21A SST40 vs Convoy L21A XHP35

Since the XHP35 HI is a bit smaller and has no dome compared to the SST40, I’d expect the SST40 to have more spill and more output, with less throw.
But they claim that the SST40 version will have “same function, max brightness and same max beam distance”…so it’s hard to tell exactly how that variant will stack up.
(I’d expect either more output with the same throw, or less throw with the same output, since the characteristics of the LEDs aren’t the same.)

The SST40 works fine in throwers - a lot of Convoy C8 lights sport that emitter.

FWIW I would probably ask for a few dollars off if you end up keeping the order. The SST-40 and associated driver are both cheaper than an XHP-35 and boost driver. Even if the specs are similar enough you might have some buyers remorse if they drop the price accordingly.

Xhp35 hi will throw more and lumens will be about the same. But yes, new driver all the way and your battery life may take a hit since the driver is probably fet-based and not a boost driver.

Wow, thanks everyone for all the helpful responses; you guys are amazing. I sent a message to Sofirn asking them to explain the delay and clarify which version I’ll be receiving. If/when I hear back, I’ll be sure to post an update.

While I’m not too happy about my C8G experience, I’m pleased they (allegedly) already shipped the LT1 and IF25 I ordered yesterday. Can’t wait to play around with that lantern, looks so sweet.

yes, cancel to avoid confusion, and to take control of the ordering process

if later you decide you want the SST40 version, you can make a fresh clean new order, without chance of drama and miscommunication

no point prolonging a long distance relationship that will never be consummated

they failed to deliver, up to you if you want to reconcile and try again later

I say Just slip out the back Jack

So I finally heard back from Sofirn. They confirmed that they didn’t have stock when I placed my order and actually asked if I could wait a bit longer. :person_facepalming: They also confirmed the new C8Gs will be SST40 based, so that’s what the factory is producing now. I declined and asked to cancel which they quickly agreed to; money is already refunded so kudos to their customer service for that. I do have to say, their official web store is pretty slick and so much nicer than Aliexpress.

Great to hear abut their customer service being on point. every company will slip up and lose control of their mfg’ing due to their vendor’s supply limitations, but a company that is willing to quickly and efficiently take care of the problems their customers have are the ones I want to do business with. I have had some VERY troubling transactions with AX sellers… pretty bad actually. And the resolution was painful and dissatisfying… Live and Learn. Ill check out Sofirn though.

It may not be so bad, but I wonder why the dumped the xhp35 hi? Maybe going to the xhp35.2 hi?

If you compare the surface intensity (cd of the xhp35 and sst40, there’s not much difference between them. A hard driven sst40 will beat it in output, but being a dedomed emitter, the xhp35 hi will have more throw. You can dedome the sst40 and increase the throw, but it’s tricky and probably won’t get close to a factory xhp35 hi. It’s up to you. An sst40 is a fantastic emitter, but not really a thrower in smaller reflector lights.

Did Sofirn ever make a C8G with xhp35.2 hi? Or was it just xhp35 hi
Does Cree even make an xhp35.2 Hi? I could only find HD (domed)

They do tell you on their web site about the LED swap. I would not exactly call it a switcheroo. I have found Sofirn to be one of the more honest Chinese companies out there.

Read the OP.