Sofirn Website CLEARANCE SALE C8G & C8F--35% OFF

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Expires on 12nd December, 2021

The 10% discount code doesn’t work on Sofirn Store in Ali Express. :frowning:

10% is hardly a blowout

If you have any codes for the Sofirn store on AliExpress i would like to see them please.

why not try to buy on website?! :weary:

10% OFF for website is a relative ‘’big’’ discount :cry: :cry: :cry:

Only have code for Amazon and website :person_facepalming:

Cannot and should not claim any “blowout sale” if the discount is only 10. Many sellers, including Sofirn and Wurkkos, regularly give 10 for frequent loyal buyers as well as first-time buyers.

OK got it! :nerd_face:

Because the price on AliExpress is lower than the website even with the 10% discount that the website has. I compared only two products - SC31 Pro and the IF22A. Both are lower on AliExpress store than at website store with 10% off.

Go figure where I've been buying my lights at.

Max, you are absolutely correct. Somehow, Sofirn and Wurkkos on Ali Express tend to sell at lower prices when compared with and — which I guess are, just like Amazon USA, selling (at higher prices) to American customers.

It’s always interesting to imagine where the price difference is.
Chinese marketplace have advantage in their delivery volume which therefore leads to lower prices in transport.
There is also, because of this volume, an incredible capacity has not paid customs duties in various ways, they can claim include vats (for EU for me) tax are only paid if customs catch they which is rarely the case.

Two things websites “official”cannot do.

Also shop located in USA or EU would be even more expensive due to even more taxes and charges and/or massive (abusive?) intermediary.

It is by no means a value judgment :wink:
I personally believe that the price of Aliexpress is the most tax-free product at the lowest transport and that the cheapest race is a long-term not beneficial for our countries.

I’ve been offered 30% off deals on the store that are still higher than buying direct. I reckon we should hush up about it while the odds are in our favour for a good deal?

On the other hand, I am all for Free Speech and for providing honest feedback to all vendors.

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(personally, l love LT1S!!!)

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