Sofirn Weekly Deal( --30.09 € for SP33V2.0 KIT,2500lm

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30.09 € for SP33V2.0 Kit,2500lm
SPSP33V2.0 kit comes with 26650 battery and USB charger, giving out 2500 Lumen.
Today we offer 30% OFF deal for SP33V2.0 kit on Are you interested in this deal?
Click SP33V2.0 kit on
Kind note: Don't forget to comment for 30% coupon before purchase!

Discount code will be sent by private message if you are interested in this deal of SD05

Anyone find 15% coupon on SD05 page today?

Is this still 45% discount as in the post title?
Please kindly send me a code.
Usually I prefer Amazon UK Store if you have this discount there also?
Else I will still purchase from store.

Many thanks as always!

**Edit: ah I see now is 30% (code) + 15% (Amazon discount)!
Please PM the code so I can purchase before they remove the deal.

Pls check PM

Please send me discount code

Thank you


also kindly ask for discount code.

Thank you

Sent, pls check PM. Just come back to office from weekend :smiley:

Sent also. Pls check PM.

Saving 21€ for SP36 Anduril after code [2AXHIYG4]

Are you ready to get SP36 Anduril with 48.99€ :wink:

:person_facepalming: Forget to tell you it will work four hours later. Waiting :slight_smile:

Thank you. Light ordered.

SP40 adopts CREE XPL LED, with neutral white

Hi, I’m interested in the SD05, is it still possible to get the coupon code?

Yes, code will be sent by PM soon.

SP36 Anduril uses 4x Sumsung LH351D LEDs and 3x 18650 battery. More information, pls click link in thread to go to product page.

Sale price of SP33V2.0 kit: 42,99 €

Price of SP33V2.0 kit after code:30.09€