Sofrin Q8 blinking question

I have been searching through this site, but haven’t found an answer.

I just bought my second Sofrin Q8. I have been playing with the modes and and ramping settings and can’t get it working right.

When ramping mode is not enabled, after the light is on for about 5 seconds it blinks 3 times and ramps down then it blinks 3 times and ramps down again until it turns off after a couple of ramp down.

When ramping mode is enabled it just does the same thing, but has to ramp down about 5 different times before it turns off.

Any ideas on how to change this?

Thanks to all of you!

Assuming the batteries are all charged…and all are making connection…?
Hate to ask…but something easy to check…

Sounds like LVP kicking in.

The switch LED blinks 3 times, as does the main LED, then drops the main LEDs output.

In addition, while it’s in this low battery state (under 3.0V), every 8 seconds the switch LED alone should blink twice. So, these two events may interact and cause some confusion, depending on the battery state and the output level the user has set. The main purpose of the 8 second frequency is to show it when the light is turned OFF by the user and the cells are reading below 3.0V.

When the user turns off the main LED, the MCU is put into a deep sleep, low drain state after 5 seconds. But when the voltage is reading below 3.0V, it delays 6 minutes in order for the 2 switch LED blinks that happen every 8 seconds can be seen. It’s a way of telling/reminding the user - Hah! There’s a low voltage condition - check/replace your batteries.

Just fyi, every time LVP drops output, the voltage recovers partially, so if it recovers back over 3.0V and the draw is low, it might take a little while before the next drop, or the next drop could happen fairly quickly — all depends on the batteries, their level, and the level of amps/output.

Using flat tops or button tops? If using flat tops, could be not all making contact.

If you still have the first Q8, have you tried the same batteries in it to see how it works?

I’m feeling pretty embarrassed if batteries are the issue, but I will accept my fate. :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome. Thanks for the quick responses and taking the time. I have to run to the store right now, but I will throw these batteries back on the charger and then work through your email.

MtnDon. Good idea. My other Sofrin is not with me right now, but I will try what Man without Shadow says and go from there.

I did the battery test already using using the Narsil and it says I have 2.9 volts, so that may be my issue.

I will let you know.



2.9? Ya…its gonna blink and shut off…
Even above 3.0…it might voltage sag under load and trip LVP. That is…the batteries are above 3.0…turn it on high…the voltage sags under load…light blinks…put in charger…could still be above 3.0.

I usually charge around 3.5 or so.

+1 …. What was the final outcome rockymtflyfisher

Was going to say, might using flat tops, and not all of them were making the connection