Solar, magnetic and other "self sustained" charging setups

I don't know the name of the principles involved, nor the authors/inventors credited, but I know the principle itself.

Quite simple...

  • Electromagnetic force can generate current.
  • Current can create (and negate) magnetic force.

This kind of generator requires some power for initial spin up, and turns self sufficient once it achieves a certain RPM threshold.

Magnet's attraction is used to "generate" rotation, small current is used to nullify generating opposite attraction (or "wheel" slowing down) at a precisely timed short moment. Magnets attract for a longer period of time, current is used to nullify the magnetic force for a short(er) period of time.

This is NOT perpetuum mobile. Magnetic force is driving the whole thing, with a manual spinup + battery for storing energy acting as an energy buffer. Energy/power used to nullify the magnetic force at those short intervals is less than energy generated by the motor itself.

Also, efficiency of this generator can reach and even exceed 100%.


Quite impossible.

Theoretically posible, and empirically proven.

Search youtube, there are videos and sites with working prototypes. I even found a video of a complete home system that replaces any grid power. I have no idea what it was called or I'd paste the link.


I've seen them. All flawed.

I am no expert but I seriously doubt that is possible in any way. If it was then it would have been done on a larger scale by governments/energy companies all over the world and plastered all over the news, you are effectively talking about a perpetual motion machine that also creates excess energy.

It doesn't matter if you describe it as needing small amounts of energy to keep going if at the same time you claim it could give of a greater amount of energy than what it needs to keep going, that extends the system, but it is still a closed one. It is simply impossible as far as physics as we know it is concerned, and that is about as impossible as we can get..

Maybe there was some misunderstanding in either your interpretation our description of how it works/what it is?

I'm not a physicist. :)

My description up there was an amateur description of a principle. I'm thinking there might even be more improvements to the principle.

Oh, and once again, this is not a perpetuum mobile. Remember the resonance and harmonic oscillators? If timed properly, they can output massive amounts of energy. A famous bridge collapsing because of a 40mph wind springs to mind. To me, properly timing a current-generated magnetic force to counter negative force looks like "enforcing" or manipulating resonance.

Here, going over this got me convinced initially.

I've never tried it, but I think the guy has something there. There are a number of videos there where he's developing the empirical proof of the concept. Notice how small his figures are, currents in the range of 20mA. No overblown currents nor voltages.

Now, something different, if you don't mind.

To avoid going off topic too much, I'm willing to halt discussions about magnetic generators in this thread. If you insist to talk about that subject, let's open a new thread in the off topic part of the forum. I won't respond to attacks of the principle, nor the idea of a magnetic generator. I consider it a closed path in this thread.

I'd really like to try and keep this thread useful and practical for the DIY audience.

Solar charger looks like the most useful and practical solution at the moment.

If anyone has a link to a detailed DIY article project of a solar charger setup, I'd LOVE to see it.

Here is a small project for charging Li-Ions:

It boasts VERY proper CC/CV curves, has enough variations to charge 1, 2 and 3 batteries and doesn't look too hard to build. And it roughly takes 12V 1A input.

So, my initial quest is still valid: 12V 1A from a solar panel, please, with as many pictures as possible. :D


Sounds great! How big is your house and is 5.44KW system enough?