"Solarfoce Cree XML U2" from Kaidomain question

Hi all,

I've noticed several mentions of fake Solarforce L2's. I'm not sure how to tell when one is fake though. For example, is this one a fake?


Thanks for your help!

Clone it is !

http://www.solarforce-sales.com/product_detail.php?id=305&s=45&t=LF Real Deal ! Ordered one myself since SF has gone 3 mode XM-L

Thanks. How can I tell in the future? Also, can you recommend some good places to find the real thing?

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This one is a great deal to, I am really tempted.

Almost all the big dealers have fake solarforce so solarforce sales or lighthound is your best bet.

Thanks! I was thinking of getting a L2T body and putting in a $10 Cree U2 drop-in from Kaidomain. Would it be much better to get the whole light from Solarforce?

That is what I would do buy the Solarforce it is a 3 mode with a 25 hour run time on low, no flashy modes you will never use and 800 plus lumens that is a great deal.

The guy who builds his own drop-ins is tempted to buy a ready-built SF P60?

It's like the guy that works at the speed shop and puts superchargers on Mustangs all day when the factory supercharged Cobra came out he was first in line to buy one.

It's a really good deal on a great product what can I say.

So you know its got to be good ...

Actually, I was thinking of going with the U2 from KD as well for my next P60. It's $10 and is Foy approved. I can put up with the flashy modes at that price. I don't mind as much if it's not my EDC light. Even if I don't notice much more brightness over the T6 at least I'm saving about $6 :) (Note: I do have the MF XM-L T6 3-mode in a SF and love it!)

I honestly don't know how they sell those so cheap they charge more than $10 for the bare emitter. I am not a big fan of the 5 mode driver that comes on that drop in, but for the price I would not complain.

Why is it that the 5-mode version of the U2 drop-in from KD doesn't accept as wide a range of voltage as the 1-mode? Is that a limitation of drivers in general, or is it simply the way those two in particular were made?

I don't get it either. It does appear to be a different emitter based on Foy's demonstration but how could it be cheaper than the popular T6 A1 drop-in, let alone ~37% cheaper! That's the only reason I'd ever get a 5-mode driver with blinkies.

I have put quite a few U2 XML drop ins together and they are no brighter to the naked eye than a T6. I would not let that be a selling point. The 5 mode driver they use in that drop in is a piece of crap the Manafont T6 3 mode drop in is much brighter. The KD 5 mode only pulls 2-2.5 amps on high were the Manafont averages 3-3.5 depending on the batteries used so there is some value in the Manafont drop in for a couple bucks more.

Yeah , I have a U2 thats not as bright as a T6 , so ?

Maybe you talked me out of it then. I was just going for something different. I was gonna approach you about a U2 drop-in but I probably can't afford you, haha (except the custom driver I already inquired about, but I'm not ready for that anyway).

Don't intentionally buy fakes ..

they will just show up unannounced soon enough anyway . there is only one place to buy solarforce ..from solarforce ..there are others that sell real solarforce just NONE cheaper .. if it's cheap it's a fake ..Always spend a few bucks more for the real solarforce .


Just got the shipping notice .... For mine .


I see you are in NYC. I am in Queens.

I bought my L2T from www.sbflashlights.com with coupon 5% off code: SBCPF

Got the host for $21.55, Texas to my house in 2 days with cheapest USPS shipping!

If you are in the USA stick with the US dealers for quicker service and an actual return policy that doesn't include shipping anything back to China. I think his price was only $1 or $2 more than solarforce-sales.com

Great host you will like it no matter where you buy it from.