Solarforce 2012 version L2M now on sale for $11.99

Update June 10th these are now marked down from $12.50 to an amazing $11.99.

Hurry quick before they sell out again the new L2M with the 18650 extension and the 3 amp forward clickies are back in stock. This is an unreal deal I bought 2 last time and I love them they have better knurling, better coating than the old one and are serial numbered.

Wish I had the money for one right now. I've been waiting for them to come out with the HAIII ano like the L2T. Have to stick to modding what I have for the next couple months unless I sell some stuff. Hopefully they will be available down the line. I just wish they made an L2TM as I'm not a fan of the hex nut head.

Check out the A001 head, I'm not a fan of the hex heads either.

I hope you get an L2m because I didn't. Mine had no writing on it. I just bought 2 off ebay instead

memo to Solarforce:

the more pocketable the light,

the deeper the button ought to be

protected by being recessed in the tail.

Signed, happy (and careful) owner of two L2Ms.


Very tempting.

Ordered one, ☺.

CR123's do hold much, xpg, xml, xre...

Nice signature, flashination!

I've only been into torches since 2011. My FIRST purchase with DX had a bad clicky on the UF 504b. Next came the wrong EDI=T P4 AAA instead of a 18650. The flame 14500's took over 90 days to arrive! I would probably buy a dozen more items from them if they were dependable & customer friendly. Final straw was when they told me my email account does not exist. Since then it's been Shiningbeam, Manafont & ebay for my fixes.

Thanks E1320. Got in on the deal. Had been looking for these with the extension tube. Thru in a L2P for got measure. Hoping the HAIII helps a bit on wear.

Thanks E. I just ordered two of these. My M's are both the old version - these are much better.


I drank the Solarforce Kool Aid and I like it. It's the least I can do for the number one Solarforce promoter on the sight. The new L2M is the bomb and for $12.50 you can't go wrong.

Dang you E, you have already cost me about 40-50 in the last 3-4 weeks now I want this one too!

For those in the US, what was the shipping charge? Thanks!

Bee-man: Shipping is $2 to US, no matter how much you order.

Shipping is pretty fast from them also I have made 3 orders from them so far and got my stuff in 7-10 days, if you are like me and don’t want to wait a week has them for 12.99


I ordered one Thanks did not know about that model.

I like SolarForce quality at this price point it is a Steal!

Now, for the drop-in?

E thanks again

like it already Embarassed

Both of my L2ms were purchased direct from SF at two different times and neither had any writing on them whatsoever. Not that that really matters.