Solarforce 880 Lumens U2 XM-L 1 mode

I got this drop-in yesterday and I am blown away!! I have always raved about the UltraFire 3-Mode Drop-in from ManaFont but there is a new king of Drop-ins now.

What’s it driven at?


I like my XM-L2 drop-in(said to be U2) combined with the classic 3-mode Manafont Ultrafire driver. Up towards 4A. (goes down towards 3,5A quite fast though, but still!)

Generally, if buying a pre-built drop-in and high output is the goal. I would put my money on the one from intl-outdoor. XM-L U3 @2,8A.
Personally, I would never buy a 1-mode extreme output driver for a P60. Its nice to have a lower option.
Usually the drop-ins from solarforce are not that impressive, but if it beats the classic manafont drop-in (if you had a good one) then it needs to be quite impressive!

I have the 820 L in my L2T… Might have to order one for my L2N

only a one mode option?

SF= 2.05A

Manafont= 3.52A

only a one mode option?

The actual OTF lumens is probably more like 400-500 lumens if driven at 2 amps.

Now I am really confused because the SF looks brighter….

Actually I could be wrong, it depends on the driver. I assumed it was linear but it’s likely boost/buck then if it’s brighter.

The 1-mode 3-18V driver from KD is about 2,1A (I have one, will be using driver for one project and emitter for another)
Its cheaper, and its XM-L2.

Manafont might have the same or simular product for a buck less. But they do not know bin, and its stated to be from 3,7-18V.
For all I know, they are the same. But KD says theirs are U2 bin. MF can not get the info. I did some research on this earlier.

Both stores (and Lightmalls) also have a 5-mode version, but that did not impress me. So I changed to the classic 3+ amps manafont driver. :slight_smile:

The SolarForce drop-in is probably very good. But personally I think there are better options out there for the price.
Best of both worlds. Buy XM-L2 drop-in and do a driver swap.
Best overall stock package with high output. The one from intl-outdoor.
Best bang for the buck. KD/MF/LM XM-L2 drop-in.
If you want a well known and good brand-name drop-in. Get the Solarforce.
My 2 cents…

but my Olight i6 is 420 L & The 820 L drop in is much brighter in the L2T

rikr have you tried an intl-outdoor drop-in yet?