Solarforce A001 head

Looking for a Solarforce A001 head.
I know they are discontinued but I’m hoping someone has an extra they would like to sell.

Randy still has them, bit pricey though.

One has to wonder why you’d want such a thing though?

The head comes with that bezel from Flashaholics, I bought one there, but I’m fairly sure that Solarforce sold them with something like this -

Or it might have been just the head without the bezel.

You can change the bezel to whatever you want, I’ve got this one on one of my AO01 heads at the moment -

And this one on another -

I swap the bezels around to suit what I’m doing or how I want the light to look.

That’s ok then, I thought it was the bezel…. yikes!

Casts too many shadows with the scary bevel. :slight_smile: They are O.K. to stand the torch on it’s head, you get a enough light escaping to use it as a lantern for a while, until it all gets a bit warm, heat rises and the battery tube gets hot.

I’m looking for the style 8steve88 shows, not the Klingon death ray style

Flashaholics are the only place that I know of that has any stock left, probably because of the bezel, pricey but if you really want one then look everywhere first then you know that there’s always that one to come back to. The classifieds on the various forums might be a place to put a wanted ad.

I have an ad on a couple forums, keeping fingers crossed.
If I did the conversion correct it would be about $50US shipped from Flashaholics. way too pricey.
1 British Pound equals 1.57 US Dollars??

FWIW if I’m seeing things right, that’s also a discontinued and (I think?) difficult to get bezel ring. SF previously had two Klingon bezel rings, the long one and the short one. The short one (B4) is still available. The long one was discontinued quite some time ago.

OTOH ~$50 USD is putting you close to the price range of premium head/bezel/whatever’s like the Oveready Cryos or Fivemega’s “Full Copper Ultra Cool C head” or “Beefy Heat Sinked P60 (D26) $urefire Bezel”.

That’s about right, I use XE Currency Converter

There would also be paypal or your CC or DC fee for shopping in a different currency, it’s not a large amount but it all adds up.
I bought two of the AO01 heads and really like them but I wouldn’t buy them again. There again I wouldn’t want to sell them.

As already mentioned there are a few more heads that look and perform well at that sort of price.