Solarforce AA 820 Lumens XM-L (18650/2AA)

Since Solarforce isn't producing the L2R (2AA) right now, solarforce sales is offering a lego variant of the L2. I wonder how that drop-in performs with 2AA, when it's designed for 1x18650. Also the batteries would rattle a lot in a 2AA setup, I assume.

Yeah that's what I thought too about the sagging as the batteries deplete. My manafont XM-L dropins wouldn't like the 2AA setup. The question is why SFS even considers to bundle these lego parts. Is the dropin better regulated than any other 3.7 V dropin out there? This is either ingenious or a really bad idea.

And they have the low-voltage XP-G module still in their line-up, which I believe is better suited... unless I'm overlooking something here.

I hate their stupid website

I started to look for just the extender and realized ....lifes to short

Hey oldbobk why aren't you using the tennergy nimh D cells ?

Here are the "conventors"

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The AA is of great interest to me since my brother recently found the eneloop and wants AA lights only ..