Solarforce L2-S4 clicky replacement

(posted on CPF also, need exposure)

Hi all,

I have several of these on my lights-my fat fingers love the cigar grip and size, but I hate the feel of the squishy switch. Has no real audible feedback. Here's a pic:

S4 is on the left. I'm looking for a replacement switch only. I don't need the whole thing with circuit board etc. On the right is the S6 guts for comparison.

I use these for my triples so I need at least 3A capability.

What I do not need: McClicky-too expensive. Ebay or China links-screw shipping times. Fetie-too expensive, not available.

I would be happy if someone here has any U.S. based manufacturers or parts dealers that you know about. I could use some S6 guts and make an adapter to make the actuator the same height, but that's overkill IMO.




i've read that some people have luck with the Romisen replacement clickies..should be available at shiningbeam..

This is quite intersting. I have spent the last couple of days paging through catalogs, browsing internet sites and bugging the local store clerks searching for the switches as used in the tailcaps of our flashlights. Nothing. Nada. Nichts.

I have thought about McClickys, the cheapest on lighthound will cost like seven bucks, but they wouldn't fit anyways in my applications and would have to be extensively modified.

So, I'd be happy for a source of switches (the electronic component) as well.