Solarforce L2D Host FREE!. *ENDED*

Solarforce L2D side switch host hardly used, with some good little bits to go with it, such as a vinh switch, a flamed bezel ring, AR Lens, flamed lanyard holder, and lanyards!.
It’s hardly used and I’m making space for new lights so this is just laying around.
Only issue is, is the switch rubber button sometimes pops off.
I have a spare one if you’ve got the time to fit in in if your good at fixing.
A good host once it’s sorted!.
I got this from flashaholics in the UK this year!.

The host is FREE!.
….All I ask though is that you cover my postage packing cost.

UK USA CANADA shipping.


How much to ship to USA?

Thanks, I guess some $10 should cover post packing.

Thanks but no thanks.

Thanks for your interest.

PM sent about this and the drop-in.

I’ll pay shipping to US if it is still available

PM replied , thanks!.

Not available now.
It’s off to red forest UK

Just sent the payment for both this and drop-in. Thanks again!

Payment speedily received!.
Great buyer is this redforest!.