Solarforce L2i too tight with 18650

The L2i is perfect for the 3xAAA holder it comes with. The tail closes smoothly and I hardly need to put any pressure on it.

But with an 18650 it seems too tight - I need to push hard just to put the tail into the body threads, and then tighten it until the flashlight is closed.

As the flashlight uses the drop-in's spring on one side, I'm afraid the excessive pressure will damage the PCB the spring is attached to, or the battery itself.

The distance from spring to spring when they are fully rested is 53mm. (63mm from the [Manafont XML] dropin's spring edge to the body edge, minus 10mm of the tail spring height).

This works perfectly with the 59mm of the 3xAAA holder.

But an 18650 is, well, 65mm long, and this seems too long. Well, at least it will hold the 18650 in place even if the flashlight is dropped on the floor... so tight.

Is it the same with your L2i?

Do I need to worry about damage to the drop-in / battery?

(edit: Just checked the flashlight length and compared it to the Solarforce site's data: mine is 125mm, Solarforce says it should be 132mm. The other measurements (32mm x 29mm) are the same in mine. hmm)

A Hi-max 18650 fits but it really needs to be crammed in. I happened to have some 18500s around ,so I use those in it.

EDIT: Some people have had no problems with 18650, But being that the length between manufactures and protected and not protected varies YMMV.

I use unprotected 18650's in mine , not so squeezy !

I just tried an AW 18650 Red in it, and it fit nicely :)

So an unprotected my have the same result.

What is your L2i length? (head+body+tail when closed)

133.6mm to the tip of the crown

125mm without the crown

EDIT: the body alone is92.4mm

oops, I forgot the first thing I did was to remove the crown...

Ok, so 125mm is ok.

Yeah..I have to squeeze my Hi-Max 18650 in as well. So I have to unscrew the head abit just in case. Some say cutting the spring abit, not sure if that would work.

yeah, measure the body and see if its the same length as mine. It's prob the difference in the batts.

Looks like I'll be using this body only with the 3xAAA and stick with my 502Bs for 18650.

If only they'd use a buffer at the body/head connection...

The body in mine is also 92.4 mm long.

Probably could cut the spring to fit 18650, but it may be a one way trip (no more AAA use). I just noticed that the spring in the cap is a lot more ridgid than some of my other lights. I wish I could see through the cap with an 18650 in there close to see how compressed it is

Just take the head of , and then make a gasket so the head does not screw in so tight [ spacer ] A nice Oring from the hardware store might do .

Or remove the + spring from the pill ..

Or do some work to the pill to shorten it .

Plenty of options .

But crushing batteries ?

I dont own a solarforce, or any drop in type light, but would it be possible to include a spacer between the tailcap and the body, such as the tactical grip ring, or lanyard ring for example.?

There's a lip around the top of the battery tube that an 18650 can get caught on pretty easily. But if you center the battery in that ring, it isn't quite as tight a fit. It helps to load the battery from the head end (have to take the drop-in out). But I agree that the L2i is best used with 3xAAA and if you want to use a 18650, get a L2 or L2p. Definitely avoid overtightening because it can cause all kinds of problems.

I have this tightness issue as well. I fear for the switch and the drop in everytime I screw the tailcap on. I think I will trim the tailcap spring back a little bit when I get the chance.

Wow, I just got my first 18650 batteries yesterday and was just trying them in my L2i last night. I was just fixing to start searching threads on this subject and poof, here is everyone talking about. Yep, I screwed the cap down all the way once and it is way to tight. I even have plastic spacers in the tube to center the battery and that doesnt help. I found a piece of black plastic tube I had that I am going to make a spacer to go between the head and tube and try that. Even with it unscrewed quite a bit it is still pretty tight on a flame protected batt. I dont want to change anything permanently because right now I can run a single AA and the springs hold it okay. May just have to buy an 18650 tube for it, but they dont sell it with a switch so may just have to get a whole L2 body, oh well.

I cut down the spring on a dropin.

I cut down the plastic spacer I had to .190" width and that works good installed between the head and tube. The end of my battery is just about flush with the tube when resting on the dropin's spring. Screwing down the end cap feels right now. It is even the exact same color and looks factory with it.

Simple , Romisen Forward clicky mod ...

I just put a Romisen forward clicky in mine , and I got a Xtar 18700 in there no problems ...

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Ok looks like a review needed to make this :

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