Solarforce L2M (older vers) 5 mode cycling query

hi, i’m a total novice in the flashlight world - hopefully someone can help with my query…

i bought a Solarforce L2M (2nd hand) recently and didn’t get any instructions.

the issue is - i use it for airsoft - everytime i turn it on/off, it cycles thru the various modes.
ie: turn it on (hi), turn it off, turn in on (med), turn it off, turn it on (low)….(you get the idea)

this is impractical for my intended application, as i need it to remain on hi ‘beam’

i’ve done a fair bit of googling, etc, but can’t find an answer
help me BudgetLightForum, you’re my only hope

Welcome to BLF! The easiest way for you to fix it would be to order a new drop in for it.

It is as easy as unscrewing the head, taking out the old one, and putting in the new one.

Buy one of these and put in it, you will love it!!

thanks for the fast responses guys, appreciate it

a new drop in sounds like an easy solution here

but is the cycling (as i described it) normal operation for the L2M?
is there a way to operate it without it cycling?

Sounds like your drop in has no memory so it will do that.

Many thanks - i came to the right place!

I’ll look at a UK supplier for a new drop in :smiley:

Welcome to BLF heydrich ! ! ! :party:

Mode memory usually needs a few seconds (2-3sec. ?) to be activated, so if you primarily use this ligth for short ‘burst’, I would consider a single mode drop in the right thing for your needs.

You can still buy a nice 3-mode drop in for every day use (plus a second L2m body).

(Oh and you’ll need a thrower…………and an EDC light……………and some backup lights………and tons of chargers and batteries……… :bigsmile: )

Probably not quite 700 lumens, but bright nonetheless:

Or, if you’re ordering other SolarForce stuff:

Both of the above are quick to ship to old blighty.

Or, if you’re handy with a soldering iron, you could replace just the driver.

UK supplier ?

Not the most budget one though.

Just buy the one from fasttech. XML 1 mode will do great with an 18650.

What batteries are you using? If you are using CR123’s, you need a drop in that specifically states 6V. Solarforce has 3.7-8.4v drop ins. The one from fasttech is a 4.2 one, use only with 18650’s