Solarforce L2P, T and M

I am looking at adding a couple of the Solarforce lights to my collection to fill a hole, and am wondering if the only difference in these is the way the body is designed. I am wondering about this because I want to buy the extension to use two batteries for longer run time and want to make sure it will work as I plan.
I am also thinking of buying the XM-L2 980 lm in the 3 mode, and needing to know if this is mostly throw, or flood, or general use. General use is what I am after, tho having a lot of flood is OK, if I get good distance, and likewise throw is OK if it’s not just a hotspot but has usable spill. This is mainly for outside in the woods and i like to light up the area I am looking at.
Also, is the tail stand clicky a must? I don’t want to order just wish I had bought extras.
Any input on what version or accessories I need is most welcome.

The L2P has traditional styling and HA III. L2T has very nice anodizing but may not be HA III - their site doesn’t seem to specify the type. The L2M is not HA III but the battery tube is in two sections, allowing it to be used in shorty mode. The machining and over all quality of SF lights is very good. But the ano on different parts doesn’t always match, especially on the non-black models. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of if it’s important to you.

The L2T has a squared off body and a rubber ring toward the tail end so you can hold and depress the tailswitch “cigar” style.
The L2M gives you the Shorty option as Photon1k says, gives option of running on 1x CR123A etc.
The L2N has 6 “finger” grooves on centre body, 3 each side.
I tend to buy the bodies, head, tail-switch and drop-ins seperately then you can choose what you bits you like, the type 11 and type 111 anodising doesn’t always match but I thought lights were meant to be used in the dark.
I bought a 2 pack of the LC-XML2 U2 drop-ins good balance between flood and throw, light orange peel reflector.
If you order from Solarforce-sales H.K. the shipping is only $2 per order not per item.
The choice of heads, bezels and tail-switches is up to you, none of them are horrible. :bigsmile:

With the P60 form factor the only difference is the body design

Thanks for the replies… makes things a lot easier for me. And I like easy.

Solarforce L2N. I really like the knurling on it and as someone stated earlier its easy to change Bezels tailswitches and colored /filtered lenses.

I decided on the L2p and L2m, with extensions, clips etc, but now can’t decide if I really want a 3 mode, or go for the 5 mode.
SOS to me is worthless, but strobe? I doubt if I would ever use strobe, but if I use the L2m as a carry light, one never knows.
I have around 25-30 lights, and really don’t need these, but want always overrules need.

The 2 pack of the LC-XML2 U2 that I bought were the 5 mode type, you never know when the SOS and Strobe might come in handy.
If you are getting any extra bezels the B-4 and B-5 and a big obnoxious one that I have that they no longer list make the beam triangular shaped, all the black and most of the SS ones are fine though.
It looks like they’ve stopped listing the A001 head as well. pity that was a nice one.

EDIT……… Don’t forget they do a very well designed and made Lantern set as well the LT-1 They sell the head and tail stand separately but it’s much cheaper to buy them together.

I saw that listed elsewhere for $26. I do like the way it looks.
And I may have to add the lantern… that might come in handy.

Flashaholics in the U.K. list it attached to that obnoxious bezel I was on about earlier but at around $40 I’ll give it a miss, say 25 for the head and 15 for the bezel, although that’s where I got one of mine when I first started and hadn’t discovered the Solarforce Sales H.K. site.

The Lantern set is class, very well made and not all that bulky, it’s worth the money for the ability to stand a light up and have it stable.

One extra that I got was from a guy on the cpf forum, he sells on ebay as well, titanium lanyard rings, ebay
And cpf sales thread.
Very good they are too.