Solarforce M7 Thoughts

Wondering what everyone’s thoughts on the M7 are? I have been looking for a nice side clicky. my thinking is that it is not a bad package for $54

Solarforce m7

extended body

Uses P60 drop-in?

that I do not know, I am trying to find that out as well.

I didn’t know Solarforce has turbo mode ” Lumens rating and runtime (using 1 or 2 pcs of Solarforce S18650P (V3) batteries): High: 620 lumens / 150 mins or 1000 lumens / 100 mins.”
BUt one thing I know my Solarforce M6 body was nice but the output was meh… :Sp

nice looking light. but they offer a slightly cheaper version, the L2d with front side switch. or they have the L2d dual which has front side switch and the rear tail cap.

i have the dual switch version and i like it alot. what i did was, purchase a mt-g2 p60 drop in from vinh and now its a 2000 lumen light.

who is vinh? sorry for my ignorance.

Vihn is vihn. Sorry, he is a modder of lights. His lights are usually titled their name +vn. So for example, TK61vn. you can find him at the other place, under the name vinh? vihn? One of them.

It’s a second thread about this light:

No, it doesn’t.

M7 won’t change that because in M6-like configuration (1x18650) it won’t reach full brightness.

I guess that is why they offer an extention.

Does anyone know if the switch is on the driver or external to the driver? Any pics of the inside of the head and the thermal path on one?