Solarforce Masterpeice Pro-2

Could someone give me some info on this light that owns one and what you think? It has sparked my interest.

I was going to get this light along with my MPP1 solarforce

and I found out that MCE LED is outdated and there are better lights for flood

hope this helps

Thanks. I'm wanting a 1000 lumen beam thrower that will throw a super concentrated beam like the Skyline I that I have.

STL V6 its a great light it throws a big spot far

I have this light and it will work with 3x cr123a


X8 left STL-V2 right

The skyray V2 is the same as Fandyfire

Hey thanks. Now how does that light compare to this one? Which one would be the better beam thrower?

How about the new comer in Manafont? Be the first to try.

SKY RAY - CREE XLamp XM-L LED 1000 Lumen 2-Modes Alluminum & Stainless Steel Flashlight (1*18650/2*CR123A)

is in the pic...on the left. I had a x8 xml t6 trustfire and the fandyfire out does it ...

in throw and bigger spot with also some good spill..

The fandyfire has bigger head for throwLaughing

Sorry didn't notice that. Hey I definately see what you mean. So that's the best thrower for the money then?

Right now

Well I thank you.