Solarforce S1100 XML vs. S1100 MTG2 beamshots

Both lights identical except for the LED, both using unprotected Panasonic 2900mAh cells, stock drivers at the stock drive current (3.3A to the LED). Pics are labeled, mouseover for the MTG2 version. Same camera settings for all pics except for the 1 second/2 second exposures.

No point to make here really, except maybe that Solarforce says they used a different reflector in the S2200 because the smooth S1100 reflector 'didn't work' with the MTG2... well, judge for yourselves...

I don't know that one is objectively better than the other, though I'm sure most everybody will like one better than the other just because of personal preference or intended use.



Here's some daytime pics of the test area, maybe can help give a sense of scale.

Same spot from the beamshot pics, with the camera held level (was pointed upward quite a bit in the nighttime pics) and standing about 20 feet farther back:

And turned to the right a bit...

Excellent photos!

That MTG2 has a gorgeous tint. thanks for sharing!

Is there any way to get a replacement reflector for the S1100 to go in my S2200? I really like how the smooth reflector works with the MTG2!!

Nice beamshots Comfy, I really need to figure out how to do that mouseover…never works for me.

Thanks for sharing.. I didnt know the difference was soo much between an XML and MTG2!

Thanks for the compliments guys, these are the first outdoor beamshots I've done.

Distance isn't huge here, around 30 feet to the left & right trees (and ivy+kudzu vines, ugh) and around 300-350 feet to the giant tree in the center. Those are at least 150' tall, for some scale, and that's only about the upper half visible in the frame. They're in the middle of the next block over.

The mouseover thing isn't exactly intuitive... on the 'insert image' dialog paste the URL for the mouse-out image just like for a plain single image, then on the 'advanced' tab, tick the box for 'alternative image' and paste that same mouse-out URL in the second line, and the mouse-in pic's URL into the first box.

I’ll give it another try. Will compare my de-domed 4.22A M3 L2P XM-L U2 to my de-domed 4.15A HD2010 XM-L2 T6, that should be an interesting comparison.

Don’t have anything that compares to the S2200.

Oh, maybe that’s because NOTHING COMPARES! lol

Excellent shots Comfy. Really like the MT-G2 as a far-reaching flooder, and the XM-L version is a very nice thrower with good spill.

Very nice! The XM-L will clearly out throw the MT-G2 but the MT-G2 has such a nice tint and gobs of flood to go with medium throw.

Awesome shots. Thank you for sharing. Too bad dedoming is so risky with this emitter. Imagine the throw at triple the current and dedomed.

How would you say the pictures compare to what you saw in person?

The 2 second exposures are pretty close to real life. Or, a combination of the two - to the eye the column of light is less intense, more like what's in the 1 sec pics, the spill & light on the target is very like the 2 sec pics.

I still wouldn't really call the MTG2 version a flooder, really. The 5x XML SRK I built, that's a flooder. I'll try to get some comparison shots including that one tonight.

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

Compared to the MT-G2’s tint, the XM-L looks zombified!

Nice beamshots Comfychair.

How's the beam at very close distances with that smooth reflector, lets say 1 feet, does it have a donut hole?

One could use a nice XM-L tint...

Excellent shots comfychair. What tint MTG-2 did you use?

I think there is only one tint around for the MT-G2 as of now, somewhere between neutral and warm white. 4500K?

No there are definitely different tints. The tint from the modded EA8 OldLumens made was gorgeous, at the same time the tint from the Crelant 7G10, while an improvement over XML's was much cooler, and nowhere near as pleasant.

I would love to know where that specific LED came from.... seeing as mine is now dedomed, and I'm not as in love with the tint post dedoming.

Sorry, I stand corrected.

Here’s a quote from a review of Niwalker’s light:

They somehow manage to call it both 'cool white' AND '5000K' at the same time...

Very very close, like 3-4 inches, it looks a little dim in the center. Judging by my other throwy XML lights that are much darker at that same close range that donut hole thing might be a sign the focus is good at longer range. Since the MTG2 version doesn't have that it might mean the focus could be improved over what it already has. If that makes any sense. :~

very nice beamshots, and you managed to get those two lights at almost exact the same position.

My vote goes to the MT-G2-version.