Solarforce S2200 MT-G2

I thought this was a joke for a second. But it looks great! I wonder how much they want to ask for it, considering the S1100 is 120USD?

Well it beats the Crelant 7G10 in lumens, if it beats it in price in any way then it will be the clear winner

2013 looks like the year for the MT-G2. I wonder how it will compare to the Crelant and Niwalker offerings. I agree it does look great! Who is going to be the first to get it?

rdfronty weren’t you on the fence about the Crelant? Well here is your chance to get a much more handsome light IMHO. 2200 lumens and with that deep reflector. I wonder if this was the plan all along for this series. Others have stated, and I believe ILF has shown, the S1100 is out thrown by the TN31. I’m wondering if that reflector was made and adjusted to make use of this massive MT-G2 emitter all along, and the S1100 was just an afterthought.

I’m broke or I would take one for the team, but I’m excited to see someone get this, the Crelant, and the Niwalker for a head to head show down!

I agree!

(and overdriven XP-G2s on copper 0:) )

This is one of the few lights out there that almost makes me consider to buy a premium light an not mod-it. :stuck_out_tongue:

good looking FL, so tempting. J)

It doesnt say they are ansi FL1 lumen…. it could be emitter lumen… 65 mins on high… 7g10 is nearly double that but is a 2s2p config vs 3s… i wonder what the tint is like also

interesting light though!

That’s the thing about the MT-G2…they’re all EasyWhite, so the greatest deviation you can have is a 4-step MacAdam ellipse bin that is +/- centered on the black body line.
Here’s a visualization for 2-step MacAdam bins:

The leftmost blue quadrangle contains bins 5(A, B, C, D)1-4:

Here's an overview of MT-G2 with 2step and 4step.

pre-caffeine, I would like to say I understand that stunning graph perfectly, but its a bit foggy to me at this point.

Interestingly enough, SF Sales has temporarily dropped the price of the SF1100 to $110. I had emailed them for an expected availability date and price on the new monster…very interested myself.

anyone remember comfychair putting an mt-g2 in his s1100? I think solarforce just did exactly the same thing, at least they appear to be driving it properly if the lumen claim is to be believed.

I still prefer my mt-g2 torchlite though, buying functional flashlight’s is so tedious :bigsmile:

you speak the truth :beer:

The 4step is not full on A B C D, look at the graph from the datasheets.

It looks like it wont’ have enough heat sinking.

Yeah my bad, I fixed that. I was looking at them and realized something was off :stuck_out_tongue:
edit: looks like it didn’t save my edit :~

And, to get that output they've either upped the current over the S1100's XML driver, or the MTG2 is on copper. (or, well, I guess there's a third option: they're lying about the lumens)

I agree. What's the point of buying something that doesn't need improvement?!

The reflector is a different design than the XML version, OP and no flat area around the emitter hole at the base.


When that is said… Who is going to be the first to buy one?? :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to see a review! :slight_smile:

Here's an overlay.

I'm not a fan of the warmer tints in general, but the MT (at least the one we've all been getting from Cutter) somehow makes every other tint I have in XML and XPG look like poo, without itself being noticeably yellowish or brownish. That's something I don't think is possible to plot out on a graph.

Nice work on that; it looks good.