Solarforce S2200 MT-G2

Thanks, but exactly perfect.

When I saw the term “macadams”, I thought that was short for “macadamian nuts” (I’m from Hawaii) :)!

Somehow I don’t know why I didn’t pull the trigger for S1100, but could this be “The One” ?

Its sure looks awesome !

Business end

Nice machining tailcap

I wonder how much different the beam pattern will be from the smooth S1100 reflector retrofitted with the same LED... mine didn't change between the XML->MTG2 except that everything got BIGGER (and prettier). It still has the same tight center spot, with an intermediate, erm, spot, around it, and then the soft outer spill.

edit: Also their description of the UI seems different, I can't work out if it's really been changed. It sounds almost like the blinkies are hidden? I can't make sense of it...

if the price is right i will buy this one in a heartbeat

even if it has less runtime than the 7g10

i like the looks of this one!

Doesn't look like it's available yet on Solarforce sales but when it is (if it doesn't cost as much as a car) I'm all over it. Foy needs to get MT-G2 unstupid.


For $110, and if it's actually 2200 lumens, it would be worth it. They don't state whether those are OTF though.

Definitely going to hold off until there is a review, and it seems like there is likely to be a few more of these on the way.

I do prefer warmer tint, but agree completely. After using the MTG2, T6, U2, and U3 all look like crap, harsh, cold, white, and washed out.

THis I can’t resist!

More info on facebook

realllly wish it was 4x18650

but looks so much cooler than the crelant

Anyone find out if the lumens are OTF? Or how hard they are pushing it?

Can't find any additional info on it yet.

If it's the same driver as the XML version, it's 3.3 amps at 6.whatever volts. If they're using a copper MCPCB, it'll be a good bit higher than what's in Match's test graph. (the S1100 uses a pseudo-copper board, with dielectric between the LED & base)

Thanks for the reply.

So it's actually conceivable (even based on Match's graph) that this light is hitting 2200 lumens! :D

Would be nice to see a light with it on copper and driven fully.

I realize manufacturers have to be conservative, but seems like there is a lot of unused headroom left, and heat sinking aside, little reason not to push harder.

this light looks like it could double as a beating stick

i want.

The curse of a flashaholic.

You order a light. It's on the way to you. Before it even arrives, two more similar lights, with both appealing, and detracting qualities surface.

With that said...

Player 3 has entered the MTG2 game: Niwalker BK FA02 -

Mine is on a .200" wide copper strip with the wires soldered direct to the underside of the LED, but still using the unmodified driver. Heat will not be an issue in this light - it does not have a pill, the emitter base is one piece with the middle section where the mode button is.

Actually handling the thing is weird. It has all the same proportions of a single 18650 light just scaled up by 3x. Or maybe that the light is normal size, but you've been shrunk down to 2 feet tall. :)

Sorry if this is old news, i just saw it in their Facebook page,

you beat me to it! roughly the same price as the 7g10 (7g10 is cheaper after madecovs coupon)

where is foy - foy must be interested in this one!

Any BLF Coupon on this?

Emailed them about the price days ago. Have not heard a thing back.