Solarforce S2200 MT-G2

Looks like it available now for $139.99. Will be in the Foystable soon.


Anyone order one? Is the amperage really 3.3? Cause crelant has 3A so will small difference cause a large difference on lumens?


Well, i am waiting for a 4A version. So i’ll pass. :smiley:

And oh yes, 6-9 months down the road, Ultrafire/Trustfire will be releasing the first triple MT-G2. Probably something like your showerhead 9 or 12 x XM-Ls maybe a little bigger head at 90mm diameter with a long body taking 4x26650s, but with quite a fair bit better throw in the same format.

I hope so :wink:

But now I’m waiting MT-G2 on copper MCPCB at Intl-Outdoor.

(…for modding my Trustfire X6… )

Couldn’t find any reviews so decided to take a gamble for once instead of meticulously mulling over reviews and multiple choices for days before finally making a purchase.

So I’ve got one of these on the way, will post my thoughts on it when it arrives :slight_smile:

I had to jump too. Couldn’t resist. First MT-G2 and an awesome host from Solarforce.

S2200 on the way, and Panny NCR18650PDs from FT are as well. Now, a question. I don’t have much experience charging batteries for a multi-cell light. I have a 2-up charger and a Cottonpickers charger with magnetic leads. Would it be ok to use the 2-up AND the Cottonpickers to charge the 3 cells? In other words, is it ok to use different chargers when the 3 cells are used in a single light?

Still trying to figure out why I jumped on this Giant. All my others are basically small. lol

It’s all Foys fault, just read his review on the S1100 when I saw this one…actually went on Solarforce website to purchase the S1100 and saw the S2200, blew me away! Guess I’ll get to play at the end of the month, will have to find a suitable area for beamshots before I end up po the neighbors. Perhaps I could climb on top of the barn and shoot the stock tank in the back 40….

from SLF face book page

guess I’m not going to be ordering one afterall!

Just to be on the safe side, I would say no.
But if those two chargers terminate at the exact same voltage, and the resting voltage after charging is exactly the same, then I would say it would be okay. (If you measure it)
Chargers often have a 0,1-0,5 difference though, and that is not good.
In multicell lights its always an advantage to monitor batteries before putting them in, just to be on the safe side.

Edit: I meant to say something more of the lines with. Chargers often have a 0,01V - 0,05V difference. So one charger could stop at 4,16V and another could stop at 4,19V as an example.

So I should charge them in the same charger, either 1 at a time in the Cottonpickers or 2 up then the 3rd in my other charger. Yuck. Pretty much what I feared, figured, felt was correct. Yuck Yuck Blah.

On the other hand, it’s beam and sheer power should do away with the yucks. :slight_smile:

Also on a positive note, I got a shipped confirmation with tracking number just before they closed for vacation! Yay me!

Race, wouldn’t that actually be pretty normal for a set of cells to get some difference between them as they age? What would be the max difference between cells that would still be considered useable or safe? I ordered 4 NCR18650PD Panasonic cells from FastTech, with the hope that 3 of them will be same or close enough, how reasonable is that to hope? I already have 2 that I’ve used very little, so it might be interesting to see if the new one’s vary from the older ones (I recieved the older ones on 4-5-13 also from FastTech)

What are the chances though of using one charger to charge 3 batteries one at a time and they all come to the same resting voltage within .01?

I may just have to put an external source plug in it and use my 13.1V pack from Powerizer. lol

Guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks, both light and cells are en route.

I can't see that it would matter using different chargers, as long as you have some way of measuring the cell voltage when done.

Let them rest for an hour or so and then take a voltage reading. If they are within 0.02V of each other then I doubt it matters much which charger you use.

(And anyone that doesn't have a way of measuring voltage probably shouldn't be using Li-Ion cells at all. )

Super interesting light, 2200 lumens 1h+ (really good), but it’s 1h or 3min constant?

Will it throws far?

I cannot wait for see reviews :tired:

In my experience, using my iCharger 106B+ hobby charger, it would not matter much as long as both chargers are using the proper cc/cv charging method. Ordinary, constant voltage chargers will charge up to 4.2V, even more, but you cannot be sure how much current was pumped into it. You will notice this in the digital readout of the hobby charger. The 4.17 - 4.2v voltage will be shown in its readout during charging, but if you look at the amount of current pumped into the cell, almost another hour is needed to complete the current (shown in ma) to complete the charge and for proper termination. A cell charged in a cheap, CV only charger might display the same voltage at termination, but its current will most probably be low that that cell will run out of juice much earlier than the cell charged in a charger with the proper, recommended CC/CV method, specially in multi, series cell lights…

What is the first charger? If they are both CC/CV with a similar termination current then it should be ok really, maybe check out some of HKJs info on them.

I resisted getting a hobby charger for far too long, for completely irrational reasons. Get one. They are cheap, and can do so much more than just charge LiIon cells. They will let you know if there's a problem with a particular cell, it shows the elapsed time it takes for each charge, you can do discharge tests to find out if cells you think are well-matched really are, and so on. Get one.

That is my point… if both, although different, chargers are true CC/CV terminating units, then it should be ok.

2 very intersting points, Thank You.

The 2x charger is an Ultrafire WF-188 with 3.7V 650mA selection. The Cottonpickers that I’d use with the larger cells charges at 700mA. Both are supposed to use the correct CC/CV algorythm.

One thing I like to do when it’s crucial is to let the cell charge to cut off, then take it off the charger and put it back on. Sometimes it will immediately turn off, sometimes it will charge for a couple more minutes. So, to me, that’s an indication that it might not always fully charge but does on the second charge. Does that make any sense?

And yes, when charging a high capacity cell with lower inputs it does take quite some time after 4.20V shows on the charger. (The Cottonpickers charger have voltmeters)

Does it make any difference that one of these is an AC unit and one is a USB charger?

Comfychair, which Hobby Charger would you recommend, best mix between excellence and budget?

Only $24. You'll need a DC power supply, you can hack an old computer PSU if you're feeling crafty, or use a generic ebay laptop wall charger. If you already have either of those already wasting away in the back of the closet somewhere that part's free. And just for convenience, get a few 4-bay battery holders for the cell sizes you'll be using, they are super cheap too (stay away from the ones at FastTech, the ones that have metal tabs on both ends instead of a spring, they like to eat the heatshrink and start fires).

Accucel 6 is common enough it's easy to find answers if you run into any questions while figuring it out.