Solarforce shipping wrong items

I’ve been buying lots of parts and lights from Solarforce for the last three years. Usually I get what I order and in about 3 weeks. In the past with a short order they have placed the item in the next order. Sometimes one item ordered another is sent usually same cost. This time I ordered 5 Z1’s and they sent 5 Z2’s. It’s a bit of a pain when people I work with are waiting and I get something else. There seems to be very little item checking before shipping. Yes I’m venting but it’s happening more often not less.

They just shipped out the proper lights and said to keep the wrong order for the inconvenience.

I know waiting is a pain, especially if they’re for someone else, but I would personally be happy with it if I got 5 free lights. Good to hear they made it right.

It’s still important to keep an eye on the situation though. The 5 free lights does not help with the reputation damage texas shooter accumulates from situations like this.

In the past when they have made mistakes of this type Solarforce has been generous in similar ways with other users. I’m sure that this is the best way to handle problems once they occur. The thing is really that many users who resell or custom build need the problems to not happen. (or rarely happen, at least)

True on the reputation. So these lights are also being passed on the customers who ordered the Z1’s as a way of saying it was an error but I’m going to make all happy over the outcome.

Ah! Good move, due to my greed I did not think of that. :wink:

Hey Tex, I’ll buy one of those Z2’s from ya…

It would be nice if they had a US warehouse. I would think they sell enough to North America that it would be worthwhile.

Good point.

If we assume that Solarforce-sales and are controlled by the same entity though… that would mean they’d be competing with their own dealers. SBFlashlights, Lighthound, and others…

A few months back I ordered several items from I specifically ordered the B6 premium bezels. They sent me the L2T bezels, then sent me the L2P bezels. I finally gave up, as they do not seem to understand their own products.

After emailing me to keep the lights they sent in error with this response;

>And for your side, do you mind keep the Z2?
> Sorry for any inconvenience caused
> Thanks for your email and wish you all the best

Now I get this;

>Thanks for your reply and nice to have a chance to serve you
>I will send you the Z1 x 5 pc asap
>Tracking numer is
>For your side, instead of sending the items back to us for Z2
>Can you keep it at USd 14.5 each?
>Thanks for your confirm in advance
>Sales Team

I sell lights to my fellow officers and other 1st responders in the area at about 5% over cost. I see far too much @!#% equipment on duty belts. The last straw was Christmas 4 years ago when we had 3 officers at a near by department respond to a night shooting with only 1 working flashlight. I’m a gadget geek so I started looking for good lights to use. Most use streamlite, a good patrol light. Others don’t get issued lights or want something smaller usually a backup. Many are a firm believer in 2 is 1, 1 is none. The wife will tell you how much I spent reloading ammo and free time spent teaching firearm skills to cheap or poor peace officers. So my deal with her was that the lights would be a break even or slightly better. I tell the 5 people involved that Solarforce sent the wrong items but hey keep these and the right ones when they come in. Thant’s my rant, thanks for reading.

I would say their good customer service compensates for their mistake.

Keep incorrectly shipped items at $14.50 each :quest:

Perhaps, their customer service still needs improvement. I would offer them to ship Z2 back to them at their expense since they did not ship you the correct items in the first place.

Ah, it looks like a rather bad communication foul-up texas shooter? When they asked if you’d mind keeping the Z2’s and didn’t mention cost, you assumed they meant for free I take it?

I’d probably have thought the same thing, but in hindsight now it’s clear.