Solarforce switch problem

I have a solarforce l2m which I use in work with a 1.6A xpg drop-in.

The switch is acting up and causes the light to flicker or not work, but will work if I depress and hold the switch on.

Any ideas if this can be fixed by removing the switch from the tail? I’ve a feeling it might just be dirty switch contacts from dust.


Check the switch retaining ring. I had the same symptoms with an L2P and tightening the switch solved the problem.

Thanks Allan, I’ll give that a try.

You were right Allan, problem sorted after tightening the switch retaining ring :slight_smile:


Just sold my 3yr old L2m t a friend. The light was a beater, had very much very rough use and tons of “clickings”.
Worked well. Not a single of my SF´s had lost a clicky. Not sure how good they are but I have been satisfied…

That’s good to know. They do seem like nicely made lights. My L2M has been my work light for the past year and is still going strong now I tightened the retaining ring.