Solarforce warranty?

Since it seems that solarforce is getting out of the flashlight business where does that leave warranty coverage? For example I just picked up some parts as well as a z1 and z2 from solarforce-sales and the z1 has a bad switch out of the box. Doesn’t turn on. Swapping heads and my old but functional z1 head doesn’t work although interestingly enough I can’t pt the new head on the old body….

Currently been waiting for a message reply for 48hrs. I’d love to pickup some more to mod but not if they are leaving me out to dry!

I would assume there is no manufacturer warranty after they close. If anybody needs parts, now is the only time to get them. maybe a few ebay sellers will have some inventory left for a while… but for how long?

I don’t believe Solarforce is going out of business. They are just transitioning out of the flashlight business and carrying other items. They don’t have very many parts for repair or replacement so if you do have a problem you should get to them soon. Can I ask did you send a regular email or did you use their website messaging system? I have had correspondence with them recently using the website messaging system and they did respond to me.

Website message. Still no response. Very disappointed.

Does anybody know another method to contact them?

You can try this address
Tell them you are a BLF member and what the issue is. I would hope after all the support they have received here they would respond.

You know there has been a lot of very heavy political disruption going on in Hong Kong the last few weeks and millions of Hong Kong residents have been protesting in the streets . So it is understandable that their focus may have been other places but now that there is a political lull hopefully the focus is back on their customers. Good luck.

They told me they will resume making lights soon, but they’ve been way out of the game for a number of years now. They do eventually respond to emails.

Do you know anything about what kind of lights they’ll produce? Same as before or something modern?

It is surprising that a brand like SF doesn’t have more PR or social media that pushes out information. They are not huge, but popular enough to do it. In the airsoft genre, among mechanics and us they are very respected (plus other hobbies I don’t know?)


I would be happy if they started a new line of flashlights. I have been buying up P6 parts and misc flashlight items from them for a while. I’m addicted to the P6 L2M’s. I have a number of them and a Trustfire L2M in different variations. I like them because I can tear them down easily and fix and change them at will. I always have at least one L2M on my at all times including one with a triple LED drop in.

I hope whatever flashlight models they come out with will be as cheap and versatile.

I don’t. Sorry.