Solarstorm 5x XM-L

actually, I was thinking that if it fit in the big UF holster w/ the handle on the outside, it would be pretty 'handy', ie it would never drop in too deep and the handle would be easy to grab for drawing from holster

i wonder if 'side switch' is a mistake. If the switch is in the tail, it might be easier to mod to the proper location (ie the handle).

Very tempting! Is there a special BLF coupon code for CNQ?

Can someone post an image of their skyray king DC-DC board? Does it look anything like this?

This is a brand-new manufacturer and design. Google searching for images, info, alternate sellers... anything turned up nothing. Nothing on ebay either.

Not a new design. That's the SR King body without the "rails" on the sides and a different tail piece. The head is absolutely identical nearly the same except for color. Ok, it's not an SR body without the rails but it sure looks close enough to be a modified clone of the TM11 like the King is.

The driver does look just the same as on the King below.

tempted, I'd be all over this in low, medium, high, turbo though.

I wonder if that base is removable and can be replaced by a "real" tailcap. That handle is an ergonomic horror though, but I still want one!


BUMP for better pics (manafont)

Ive gotta admit, those small reflectors are a real turn-off, but I do like the idea of a medium mode on the driver (something that will hopefully appear soon on the skyray king). Lets hope initial reviews prove positive with a descent flood pattern and a well driven high mode.

So much for Manafont...

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Price drop @ MF $94.50

I have been patiently waiting for a black king and now this. I totally love it I just don't understand why they couldn't stick another XML in the middle. With six emitters I could run 2 Dry drivers for the ultimate 6 XML paint dryer.

little OT, but I searched and couldn't find any info.

Are there any coupon codes for CNQ or MF ?

Some number crunching....

CNQG specs it at 1.5 hours.

with an average 2.5Ah (average) 18650 cells that gives: 2.5Ah x 4 in parallel = 10Ah battery capacity

10Ah / 1.5h = 6.66A tailcap draw

6.66A / 4 = 1.66A draw/cell, a very easy load IMHO

6.66A x 3.6Vbatt-nom = 23.9W-nom

23.9W / 5xml = 4.78W per xml

Assuming the driver is 80% efficient:

4.78W per xml x .80 = 3.82 W per xml

Assuming ~3.5Vf for each xml, that gives:

3.82W / 3.5Vf = 1.09A per xml (approximation ignoring resistance form switch, springs and contact points)

"Just when I thought I was out....they pull me back in !"

That light looks pretty cool, thanks for the link. I'm going to have a chat with Ric.

Can you see if you can finagle a coupon code too?... please?

thanks!, this one addresses much of what I don't like about the SR King... while at least appearing to retain many of the things I like.



Ric mentions the possibility of a BLF group buy... LO-MED-HI (no disco). If interested reply here:

Surely that ugly handle can be removed by loosening the hex bolts with Allen keys?

I dont comment much on the HK lights, but this one to me is too cool. I love the way it looks. I get the feeling there is no love here for the head design, but I like the fact they went with only five reflectors and blacked out the center.

I suppose if one did come to my house surgery would be appropriate though. Since there is some metal in the head ( we suppose) a new driver and switch I think. What if all those LEDs were fully driven and the modes were something cool like 1% 20% 115% :) No strobe or blinky stuff..

Looks just like this FandyFire which claims 4000 lumens.