SolarStorm / FandyFire X2 bikelight battery pack

Hi everybody,

Has anybody bought any of these bike lights?? I need to know the run times on the battery pack??

Also, if you think it is possible to replace the batteries in the pack with better / stronger batteries??

Thanks again


As long as you know how to solder you can change out the batteries in the pack, or if you have access to the bits and pieces make your own.

Thank you for the link……. :slight_smile:
The above link has this light’s user manual picture which shows you function and operation guide.

I found this on Fasttech’s website:


hugob. I was looking at that pack until I saw the review. 6000mAh at 700mA discharge from a supposedly 8000mAh pack? Nah… That doesn’t go too well in my books. There are a LOT of better cells available if you can build a pack. If you want a huge capacity, use the king kong cells.

That's IF you can build a pack. Other chinese packs perform as bad or worse, even much worse. A real 6300 mAh @8.4V is good, especially for that price. Getting more capacity out of 18650's will cost $10 more.

I’d be curious to know what capacities these mystery 4 pack cells are. I have two bike lights…. one a single xml and one a 3X XML and I’ll be darned if I can squeeze a whole lot more than an hour on high out of either light. It’s weird that one has 3 emitters and one has 1 emitter and they both run about the same.