SolarStorm SA-1 AAA / 10440 keychain XP-G

Just hit the wire at fasttech

dat gap tho

Ugly tail.
Gap is fine imo.

Gap is gone when ON i suppose…

another twisty

Slender at 14mm, <$10, and works on 10440.
Looks great to me !

Nice range of colours (rose pink too!). The keyring attachment point puts me off. It’s like a pen without a lid/cap.

Looks nice but tail fail.

Yeah, but I think they did the pointy tail thingy because it’s more or less a keyring light, going to be on a ring, unlike the very awesome Tank 007/E9 this is a very budget looking setup…I might order one just to compare it to the Tank 007, another XP-G AAA light I got called the Darkvim (another twisty and single mode) [believe it or not is ALOT brighter than the Tank 007, but is only single mode :frowning: )
Just saw this one too FandyFire AK-007 reminds me of a very teeny tiny Convoy C5 :smiley:

Where’s the purple ?

Other option, using XP-E Crelant V01A

Half the price. Aliexpress

Same design and range of colors :open_mouth: nice find.
Differences base on description and pictures: that one using 18650, color is not exactly same, don’t know what type of led installed and I believe diameter is not 110 mm. :smiley:

It was typo for the first link. Others are correct I guess. AAA but no dimensions. OEM stuffs.

I like the tail lanyard attachment.
My “last ditch” AAA light hangs around my neck.
I use a sturdy Klarus AAA, but this looks like a great value with more output.

That’s a pretty interesting light…thanks!

You know, editing picture is supposed to make it look GOOD.

Nice AAA size! Just what I need on a keychain. :)

Just got one from BG with XP-G2. Bought when they were on sale for $8.
Overall I’m pleased with the light. It’s smaller and brighter than Thrunite TiS and UltraFire M5. Floody beam. The machining is good and I can see no flaws in anodising. Smooth threads, easy to operate with one hand. The ano is the cheap glossy style (I have orange one). The led is slightly off center and there are some minor artifacts in the beam. Some dust and dirt on side walls of the TIR.
It’s not a premium light, but I like it for the price. And it is the first flashlight I’ve seen in orange.

I ordered 10 of these before Xmas to sell and gift, and so far 4 out of the 10 have died.

The one I have stripped appears to have a faulty driver - the coil appears to have become detached from the board. I will attempt to repair it, otherwise it looks like I’ll be ordering 10 drivers.

Very disappointing… 5 out of the 10 dead now…