SolarStorm SC02 boot switch anyone?

The blue boot switch on my SC02 has fallen off. Does anyone know where I can get another one as I can’t now use the torch.


BTW - this torch if you are not sure:

I’ve successfully reinserted my switch boot, which was an amazingly frustrating process. Cannot for the life of me get it to sit evenly, so there’s almost no chance it’ll keep even small amounts of moisture out. Hopefully someone will see this and chime in with a replacement boot that actually fits well. ’Cause my stock one certainly does not. Neat little light, but the switch boot is super frustrating.

Maybe you can make one by yourself using plastidip?

I’d never even thought about making a boot myself. Is that easy to do?

it will look a bit ugly, but I once put some thick layers of plastidip on a headlight to seal the clickyswitch I put inside. It was meant as a prototype, looks very ugly but works good so I never changed it….

What is with the metal ring around the boot, could you remove it?

I haven’t tried to remove it. I made my attempt at reinstalling the switch boot after it fell out by disassembling all the guts of the light and reinserting it from the inside of the tube. It took me a while, but it’s currently back in, but is crooked and feels like it wants to come back out if I put any lateral pressure on the boot. The metal ring looks pressed in, but I reckon it could be threaded. It would sure make things a whole lot easier if it is threaded. There is a small ring attached to the inside of the flashlight body at the switch boot hole that is not threaded… which made me wonder before if the boot is supposed to be installed between the stainless trim ring and the black ring on the inside of the body. I did all this while trying to feed a 9 mo old, so I didn’t do too much inspecting on the stainless ring once I got the boot back in and operating.

The plastidip doesn’t look bad at all for a headlamp. I don’t think that would work for the SC02 though, as the e-switch is a good bit down inside the body when assembled. The stock boot has a nub in the middle that sticks down at least as far as the outer ring of the boot and that’s what engaged the e-switch. Maybe could make it work with plastidip plus some random scrap plastic fabbed into a little cylinder to sit in the middle of the boot and extend down far enough to hit the e-switch.

I only know the SC01, not the SC02, but if the design is the same...

The metal ring around the boot is press-fit. I was able to use a razor blade to gently wedge between the ring and the body of the light, and once loosened, the ring was easily removed. The boot itself is molded with an alignment tab that fits a notch in the body of the light. Once this is realigned, the retaining ring can be pressed back in place.