Sold $185 Price Drop: SkyLumen BLF GTVn90, CFT-90, 6500K, 5000 Lumens, Beam Shot Links Added, Mint


Up for sale is my New and 2-minute used BLF GTVn Spec 6 with the CFT-90, 6500K LED. I’m still a Short Arc guy at heart. I enjoy seeing what high performance LEDs can do but they don’t hold my interest. Comes with the 8 original BLF GT group buy purple cells and Vinh Certification card shown in pics. I don’t have the original box.

Last PRICE DROP: $450 Shipped to the U.S. For sale on the other forum too. First “I’ll take it” with PM requesting PayPal address gets first crack at it.



PRICE DROP: $585.00

$635.00 shipped to the U.S.

Just found these:

Pics 12 and 13 down the page

Then look further down the post to “Round 2” for comparison to another LED super power light and the LeMax 70 HID.

Unable to open it.

Thank you very much.

I thought the light was doing 4500-5000 lumens. Does your card say 8000 lumens?

Nm. I think vinh just writes his 8 looking like a 5.
Because look at the tint. Looks like it says 6800.
And I’m almost sure it’s suppose to be 6500.

I thought the card said 8000 Lumens until I saw the “6800” which is actually 6500. His 5’s look like 8’s.

Link fixed

$50.00 price drop.

BVH, you are a scary dude when 1.6 million kcd won’t do it for you

When you’ve seen and used 800,000,000 CP, well, anything less is just not the same.

Another $60 price Drop. $525 Shipped to the U.S.

so this is just an indoor light for you

More like my night light. :smiley:

Weekend Special. Another $30 price drop.

the numbers are impressive…I thought my stock GT was bad ass…. !

Last Price drop to $450 Shipped to the U.S.


NL Do ALL the GTvn 90 have that ring around the hot spot? My guess is yes.