SOLD: 2 pcs Convoy S2+ triple

Brand new Convoys S2+ triple, on the left with Samsung 351D 5000K 90CRI, on the right with XP-G2 5500K. Both with 5A driver, 4 modes, hidden strobe.
4 5 $ shipped each, with tracking number, payment with paypal.

I think the price you’re asking is a bit high, this is D4V2 Territory at $45

I think this kind comment will be more proper at PM rather than sale thread. And these are custom made, not mass produced.

Price is including tracked shipping from my country. It’s 10$. Without it price of light is 35$. I am not doing it for profit, I only had some spare components laying around, so i build these and selling it.

No need to argue its a fair price (i built 3 myself)
What pill do they have?

Stock, which is from brass, and spacer is from aluminium.

Actually I don’t think that’s a bad price at all. Think I blew $50 - 60 on my parts. I’d buy but I currently own 3 already. Use 1 as a daily driver at work. Very handy and blows the other guys store bought lights out of the water.

As i mentioned before, 10$ of price is tracked shipping, calculated to US. There is also paypal fee. I used stock pill, and aluminium spacer is DIY on lathe, so i saved a few dolars.
I have also one S2+ with Nichia 219B r9080 and nothing beats that beam and color rendering.

Really nice lights and a good price.