SOLD 2D green modded maglite for sale (Dedomed MT-G2, rebel reflector, and BLF17DD-Z FET driver) - $105

Hi All,

Up for sale today is a very nice modded 2D maglite. I got the host and reflector from, a great shopping experience as always.

This light sports a dedomed MT-G2 P0 5000K emitter on 25 mm noctigon thermally adhered to a copper-wrapped solid aluminum heatsink with arctic alumina. The mag LED/rebel reflector was combined with the dedomed MT-G2 to maximize both lumens and throw, the great tint is a handy bonus. The reflector has been left smooth to maximize what throw the big emitter offers. The lens is the 50mm glass unit from FT. Ordinarily a quality AR UCL would be used here but they are currently unavailable domestically.

The driver is the BLF17DD-Z with 4 mode (low-med-hi-turbo) Star firmware and off time memory. The low mode on these lights is very low and the turbo mode draws a bit over 9 amps off a pair of Powerizer 26650 cells or around 7.5 amps off a pair of king kong 26700s (cells not included). Crash test data by Djozz suggest the start up OTF lumens at nine amps should be in the 3500 lumen range for domed emitters so 3000 is probably reasonable after dedoming.

The tailcap springs have been cut and re-shaped in a dual spring arrangement that allows smooth function of 65mm-70mm cells by simply leaving or removing the outer spring. The switch utilizes my standard power bypass outlined in post #8 of this thread. The driver is glued to the top of the switch. The battery spacer is made of electrical conduit and is probably not wide enough to accommodate protected cells.

The beamshot is roughly sixty yards to the sugar shack. This has to be my favorite MT-G2 beam ever!

Price including CONUS shipping is $115 $105. International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply with "I'll take it" followed by PM gets the light.

My paypal address is

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Ugh, I’ve really been wanting to pick up one of your micro-mags but just can’t justify buying the pair. Then again I love the MT-G2 so I’m sure those big 2D lights are awesome too. These are going to go quick, but I don’t think I can swing the cost for a pair. Awesome work as always though.

If you happen to find another green micro-mag like that laying around, let me know. It’s mine!

Good luck with the sale! I’m loving the mini-mags, whoever buys these is sure to love them too.

I have two of his micro mag mods and love em. Love the purple. Might have to get them if they are still around at the end of the week.

The purple pair is sold!

Only the green 2D remaining. Price is a bit easier to take as well!

Bump for price reduction.