Sold a light on ebay - buyer asks where it is....

So i sold a light on ebay about a month ago… buyer from usa asked me today where it is? what am i supposed to do ? latest info shows its reached Chicago June 14 but nothing after… i mean i cant control if usa customs takes forever now due to corona or ??

Jun 14, 2020

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Jun 10, 2020

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Jun 9, 2020


why cant ppl be more patient during times like this ?

mortuus first of all you can believe that your sale packages reach their addressees ;-) quickly, if you don't do already.

Tell that guy to be patient given the situation, the tracking information is clear so tell that to him.

Additionally, send him a screenshot of this forum thread, including :-D my message:

Dear Mr Impatient,

If you still haven't waited 3 or more months for a package from abroad, you're still a n00b. So develop patience, which is a virtue.

In any case, the package should reach this fellow long before he can make PayPal reimburse him.

yeah… i thought everyone knows corona worldwide now… i found this

I just want the damn package reach him so he wont try paypal refund that would just blow…… since im not in usa i cant even call their customer service ask how much longer should the buyer wait…

A friend recently ordered something from the US to Uppsala and it took about 3 weeks. Slower than before, but not terrible. I know this is the other direction and probably won’t help, just wanted to add another data point.

The logistics company should be able to tell you where the package is.

I have a Zebralight that’s been in isc Chicago for a month. USPS says just wait when I ask about it. It’s getting old. It’s been back in stock twice now stateside. Thought I would try Nkon out for a change lol.

Mortuus,to go with the screenshot, you could also give him the tracking number so he can track for himself in the meantime.other than that, he just has to be patient like others have said. It is not a unique situation he is in.

I sent a package from USA going to Europe recently

after moving quickly across USA, with daily tracking updates,
tracking stalled in Chicago,

I have not had an update in over a week…

I will absolutely NOT make any phone calls to ask questions… thats just a recipe for frustration

So… for the impatient customer, tell him to call the carrier… that should keep him busy for a while

Yeah, he lives in Florida,Sarasota … not sure why its sitting so long in Chicago… but again this is out of my hands… i did add the tracking nr to ebay when i marked the item as sent… but i can send him the info if he missed it somehow…

I sold something to a US buyer and a month later he opened a case. I told him why it’s being delayed and if it doesn’t arrive in the next two weeks I’ll give a full refund. The two weeks hadn’t passed yet and he told ebay to step in. So he got his money back and he might have even got the item. The service I used was untracked so there’s nothing much I can do. I did hear that some items at this time can take 2 months+.

“Can you send picture?”

“You can go to post office, please check.”

“I can offer you 2 dollar and 100 Mortuus Points, is that okay?”


Yep, a fast trip across the pond is 6 weeks before C19, and 8 weeks now. I waited 2 weeks on NY and another 2 weeks on NJ. If it goes thru NY, it will be late, they are getting slammed with C19. Patience is a necessity these days.