[Sold] Acebeam K70 minty

Looking for $100 shipped but offers for sure considered! I can send additional pics as well. I am just cleaning up a home office and so much stuff accumulated I need to declutter. Might list a few other lights as well. I’m not so much into it anymore. Really only got into this hobby because I needed a nice light for running while dark early mornings.

Anyway - not a nick/dent or scratch on the body and lens same: no scratches whatsoever. I used this light a few times for running but it’s really not good for that at all. The K60 way more ideal. That one is a keeper for me !

located in SNJ 08361 if local and want to pick up. thankyouk70

Lol, I never thought of the 1.7lb K60 as a running flashlight. :smiley: I guess it’s better to have the lumens and not need them than to need more lumens and not have them.

LOL — go big or go home ! I tried running with a headlamp nitecore HC60 and it was so-so. Plus you dont have the control of the beam - that is I like to have the beam be independent of where my head turns :slight_smile:

Also tried smaller lights but that flood and throw of a big boy light just spoils you big time.

K70 or K60 for running! From what, bigfoot lol. Sorry, I just never imagined someone running with a bazooka before. Why not use a clip on light on your waist. Someone should buy it from you quickly for that price.

completely off topic here - but what is the K60? I see the K65 (and want it too). I would be VERY interested in your mint K70 except I am 16 lights and 6 months into this hobby, and just ordered (and haven’t even received yet) a Astrolux EC03, Astrolux MF01 mini, and a $95 Emisar D4v2… don’t ask (about the emisar price)… And hey, there was an Astrolux sale (if that’s a thing?) on banggood the last few weeks. I caved…

Its like running in daylight with these kind of hi power lights :slight_smile: a dinky clip on light you only see a few feet in front of you lol !

I’m going to guess the K65 is the replacement for the K60? But shoot now I want it !!

The K60 came out like 5 years ago if I remember right. :smiley:

OK :+1: LOL Running with a thrower is kind of odd but hay it works for you :+1:

To each his zone. Maybe a person lives in a typical area where when stepping out to check the mail or take out the trash or walk or run, big things at hand are best preparedness for ambush encounters with aggressive things.


The Acebeam K60 has a magnetic control ring to adjust 6 levels of brightness to 5000 lumens plus a strobe mode.
I actually like the Acebeam K40M even though it is only 3000 lumens.

We have a deal… Thanks

I can tell you I did have to use the K60 strobe on someone that was antagonizing one of the girls that I was running with one morning. When I told him to beat it he got extremely combative. He was very mouthy until I hit him point blank with strobe - he shut right the hell up and said in a very low timid voice “I cant see”.

and for running with gloves on - the magnetic ring on the K60 is way better than fumbling for a little button thats never backlit on most lights.

I like it be super bright while running too.