SOLD- Black MT-G2 minimag for sale.-SOLD

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Up for sale is a 2AA LED mini maglite I built for a forum member over the winter. I bought it back when the original buyer needed to liquidate some of his collection in a hurry. While this light is technically now a third hand item and has traveled halfway across the country and back it looks exactly like it did when I pronounced it done. It now needs to find a new home.

The host is a black 2AA LED minimag sporting an MT-G2 P0 5000K emitter on noctigon soldered to a solid copper heatsink under a stippled aluminum reflector from KD. The lens is the 22mm UCL from The driver is the BLF17DD-S08 with zener mod and 4 mode Star firmware with off time memory and a two minute turbo timer. The moon mode on this light is very low and the turbo mode draws around 2.6 amps off a pair of protected Sanyo ICR 14500 cells which are included with the light. The light's inner diameter needed sanding to accommodate the diameter of the protected cells. The amp draw is intentionally throttled back to accommodate the ICR chemistry and to keep the cell protection circuits from tripping. Crash test data by Djozz suggest the OTF lumens at this power level should be in the 1500 lumen range. The light beam from this minimag is more focused than a mule but still produces a very even wall of light. The tail cap spring has been resistance modded with a wire soldered through the center.

Price including CONUS shipping is $100 for the minimag and two protected ICR Sanyo batteries.

International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply with "I'll take it" followed by PM gets the light.

My paypal address is

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