SOLD: Convoy Black S11 Neutral with EBL 5000mah 26650

Rarely used. Shelf queen. A beauty. Neutal white. Works great.

Shipped to continental USA only via ground. Ships from Northern NJ.

$38 total

I forget what LED it is but here is a picture of it:

I think you have typo in battery capacity in the title.

Does your light have SST40 or 50.2

Thanks. I’ll fix it here in a few minutes. About to do my workout and I’ll post a picture of the LED too. I can’t find the email of when I purchased it.

Fixed typo and put a LED pic in top post.

Throwing in this nice Gerber knife for free. Has serrated blade one side and smooth the other. In really nice shape. Used it for opening mail.

For the title - that’s an XHP50.2. Also a forward clicky.

PM sent.

Price drop $37

I ll take them for $37. Sending PayPal.