SOLD: Copper Color Shorty Maglite with finned head.

Hi all,

Since the jade mag went over ok I have decided to also list this copper one as well.

This one is a shorty with finned head, recessed spring and 26650 sleeve. Factory switch and light bulb. NO modified light engine.

Jade/Teal is sold

Happy flashlighting everyone.


VB, some colors were limited in number produced. I think there's a Copper color too. How come you didn't mod it and sell it that way? You still modding?

Hey OL,

Yep, I'm still in the game, I just thought I would give the purists a shot at this one first. I have held a lot of maglites in my hands, and this is the only 2D in this color I have ever seen.

It is purdy. I’ll see where it is in about 27 hours. I doubt it will stay at $15.01.

Looks like $38 is the winner. Im glad that this light will be finding a home where its loved. The light is probly glad to an its in far less danger of having its tail cut off and rethreaded LOL!

Glad you got a good price for it.

I have added a link for the copper host in the OP if anyone is interested.

Factory LED or factory incandescent?

This one is factory incan :)