(Sold) Crelant V31A and V11A with Nichia 219 emitters $35 for both with free shipping boxes and extras included.

Two edits: One the AA will also use 14500's for more lumens but works great either way.

Also I have six sets of these all together that are for sale. I bought a bunch of them so I could get a good deal and modded them all up. I'm keeping one set of course and the rest are going quick. I have three sets sold now and three to go. Two maybe's as well. But it's still first PM to get the last of them.


The first light is a V31A it is a CR123 EDC with a Nichia 219 high cri installed. It is three modes no blinkies and it has mode memory. Whatever mode you leave it on is what it will be on when you turn it back on. It has a coated lens and an orange peel reflector. I installed the Nichia but the driver is stock to the light.

The second light is a Crelant V11A AA EDC with a Nichia 219 High cri installed by me. Stock driver is three modes with mode memory. Coated lens orange peel reflector.

Boxes and extra O rings and lanyard. Both have very nice removable clips as well.

Obviously this is a little different than most of my mods because it's not blasting lumens to the moon. On these I went for great tint and user friendly modes.

For these lights modded with the high CRI Nichea you are basically buying one and getting one free.

$35 and free shipping for the USA $30 plus actual shipping for anywhere else.

First PM gets the lights.

I’ll take them. PM sent.

Shoot! While I was reading up on the 219’s, you PMed before me. Lucky guy :slight_smile:

Just to bump this up. I have six sets of these all together. First come first serve. Three are sold and there are two maybe’s. Once these are gone they are gone. I got a smoking deal on them and I am just passing on the price plus a cool mod to them.

First PM again for the last few.

What are the other 3 sets mods?

Same exact thing as the first post I made. Unless you would prefer that they have the XML-T6 emitter that they came with. I can easily put that back in for you.

And for $35 shipped includes two torches?
Ok I’ll PM you about payment on them.

Yep, it’s $35 for both of them and that includes shipping in the US.

Ok I think I’ve sent PM.

Got your PM.

To confirm, I have made a promise of payment, therefore “I’ll take it”.

OK Two sets left now.

if these were ‘blasting lumens to the moon, and blinkie modes’, I would be all over them.

thanks for the incredible deals you offer to the Forum!




I’ll take a set! PM sent.

I will take one set. PM sent. Let me know your paypal. Thank you for passing on the great deals.


OK pending payment these are all sold.

Enjoy your lights guys.

Great offer on these 18sixfifty! Nice quality, nice emitters.

Thanks Tom.

Yay, finall i got one of the famous 18sixfifty builds!!!